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Out of the frying pan…

Out of the frying pan…

Post-it notes on a glass door that say "Sorry we are closed" and "COVID-19"
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So way back when, 20 months ago, shortly after the New American Era began, I wrote this: Aftermath (Part 11): It took six years…. Ten days later, I wrote this: Endarkenment (Part 5).

Today, as the country gets ready to lock down again, for what’s the fourth wave in a viral pandemic that carries the -19 identifier because it started IN 2019, we are seeing record numbers of infections, in children and adults, the vast majority of whom haven’t been vaccinated.

In the second post, I ended with the following flat statement:

Talk to me six months from now. If all of this is a distant, awful memory, I will thank you for reminding me that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it could be.

And here we are. Continue reading “Out of the frying pan…”

Endarkenment (Part 5)

Endarkenment (Part 5)

A photo of empty store shelves with a note to customers apologizing for the missing inventory due to COVID-19.
Wesley Tingey

Fortune.com: USPS warns it might have to shutter by June as $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package provides no funding

What better way to dismantle the rest of the federal government? Continue reading “Endarkenment (Part 5)”

Aftermath (Part 11): It took six years…

Aftermath (Part 11): It took six years…

That’s how long ago I wrote this article:

It’s all right there, if you want to see…

And here we are. Let me take you on a brief stroll through the last 16 days. Continue reading “Aftermath (Part 11): It took six years…”

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