It’s the little things…

It’s the little things…

So I managed to tune in to the big game at the exact moment that commercial came on. You know the one. There’s not enough eye bleach in the world to get that image out of my mind.

Who was it for? I’ve forgotten, because ICK!

I was going to watch the rest of the game, even had an invite to go to a party for the purpose, but by the time I got my dinner together and actually sat down, the Broncos had already scored the first 10 of their points against the Panthers. I’m just not invested in football, unless I have someone to share the commercials with, and my heart wasn’t into the blogging aspect of game watching this year.

I opted to watch last week’s Downton Abbey episode, followed by the new one that aired on Sunday at 9. Ironically, it’s about a very rich family coming to terms with reality in the decline of a major empire, in the lull between wars.

So I missed Lady Gaga’s performance, and Beyonce’s, but I caught the very worst commercial of what everyone seems to agree was the very worst game in the 50 year history of the Superbowl. (Nope. Won’t post links. I couldn’t find a reliable source for the official videos and the sources I did find are questionable. Sorry.)


Meanwhile, there’s this. I suggest swallowing, because you’ll regret it later.

Addicting Info: President Makes Surprise Appearance After Super Bowl – And He Has Jokes (VIDEO)

It’s good that the President is relaxed enough to make these jokes, and I appreciate his sense of humor, but it feels just the teensiest bit like Nero fiddling while Rome burns. Not, you know, like this guy, by a long shot, but still.

In other news, I just finished my taxes, and I managed to make it just enough that I didn’t owe anything to either the feds or state, even though I sucked more money out of my IRA so I could buy my fixer upper and get out from under the ridiculous rental market. And it’s a good thing I did it when I did, because today’s little stock market dip is outrageous.

At a point where we ought to be able to celebrate paying less than half of what we were for fuel when President Obama took office, nobody’s happy. Banks are engaging in risky investments again, and every time they play that game, folks who’ve trusted the system and put their money in IRAs suffer the consequences.

If you think you’re immune, consider:

  • Most traditional pension plans are gone. Even the government has largely divested of pension plans, except for certain sectors like the US Postal Service.
  • Unemployment numbers fail to include folks over 50 who are increasingly forced to admit they won’t get a job to replace the one they lost in the recession
  • The permanently disabled who can no longer qualify for full-time and can’t collect unemployment don’t count either.
  • Neither do the kids who’ve never had a job before and who never qualified in the first place.
  • Cost of food hasn’t dropped. Neither has the cost of other goods, except when discounts apply at special sales, and even then we know some places intentionally inflate the cost of goods so the “sale” really isn’t one. And it’s a long time till Christmas again.

It’s enough to induce heartburn in anyone who’s paying attention.

Small wonder I wasn’t in the mood last night to party. And when it gets right down to it, why I’m not all excited just because I’m presently paying about $1.67 for gas.

I don’t believe it’s going to last.

I think it’s a temporary dip in prices, and that dip is going to go away again the moment we let the GOP win. Because their interests, in every way, lie in oil prices.

They’re punishing the rest of the world right now, on Wall Street, because oil prices have slipped so far. If they manage to leverage themselves into position to take the White House, to ensure a permanent majority in the House and Senate, to rewrite the Constitution, you’d better believe the only ones who’ll win already count their annual salaries in 10 digits or higher.

New Hampshire’s Primary is tomorrow. Who’ll come out on top: A Democrat and at least three Republicans. After tomorrow, there’ll certainly be fewer choices on the Red side of the aisle. We’ll be one state closer to November. And one more step closer to the end game for American Democracy.

What did you do last night?

Does anybody here see what I see???

Does anybody here see what I see???


1. It’s the 4th. Anyone want to come over and watch 1776 with me? Like maybe tonight??? I need some serious patriotism infusions (like the right kind, not what we’re hearing from Capitol Hill). [ETA: I want to watch the movie – really, I do – but I have to go fetch roller skates from Laurel. If you want to see the movie with me, head to my place around 9pm tonight!]

2. It’s time for a reminder that this whole big mess we’re in revolves around oil.

The war? We wanted to be sure the oil fields of Iraq were in our control. Right? (Oh, no. It was because there were WMDs on the loose. Yeah, yeah…..)

Now that we’ve got control (or something like it), have we improved our situation? Nope! Don’t think so.

And now, what’s the President and his clone suggesting will be the magic solution to our problem? Invest in new energy technology???? Nope.

Let’s go drill in Alaska.

>.< Maybe it's just me and I'm prone to seeing spiders that aren't there, but this whole mess feels in some way contrived as a means to hold our wilderness areas hostage. And the stupid people are falling for it. I can't help but think that the reason we're in the fuel hell we are right now is that this whole war has been about drilling rights. It's convoluted. I have no proof. But I have gut feelings and very often I'm proven right. Every time the Bush-man opens his mouth and says this whole thing will go away if we just surrender the rights to drill in Alaska, my skin crawls. (I predicted this war when the towers fell. Don't remember? Go read what I wrote back then. It was on my web site in 2001. It wasn’t a surprise. Just a confirmation that Evil took control.)

Stupid Republican Autocrats!


Oh, let me depress you *further*… what if it could be proved that the war was *intended* to drive up the price of oil, because the Multinational Oil Companies (yes, the almost-an-Illuminati group from the Steve Jackson game) wanted to force Americans to begin paying something closer to what Europeans have been paying for a while?

But, seriously… hope you get to see John Adams with company tonight, given that he IS obnoxious and disliked.

Considering the research i did for a book called Banking on Baghdad, i can say the oil companies do not care about countries. All they care about is profit. During WWII, at least one, which i will not name, sold to both sides. And there are even more outrageous things done by oil companies during war time.

For my “patriotic” viewing this year I watched “V for Vendetta”

Highly recommended.

Good choice!

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