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36 Windows means multiple posts…

36 Windows means multiple posts…

On a busy day like today, I don’t get to catch up on my reading until far later than I generally like. It’s easier to keep up with the news as it’s posted.

As we get closer to the election, all sorts of things are popping up, so in the interest of consolidating the items, I’m going to break them up tonight and use this page as a portal to the multiple posts. Click through each page link and find the links to the other links as well, but I suggest that you follow them in the order in which they appear below.

Some of the video is absolutely painful to watch. Some of the stories will set your teeth on edge. All of them have relevance in today’s world and all of them should help you understand the election to come and just what is at stake.

There are far-reaching consequences to the actions and activities in our government, in religion, science, education and more. So much of what happens two weeks and a teeny bit of change from tonight will shape our world view that it’s easy to drown in the flow of information. And the Internet makes this free sharing possible (at least for now, in the US).

Three weeks from today we make our final choices for President and for our other public servants in both the House and Senate. It’s up to each of us to  educate ourselves so we understand who we are electing and what we can expect when we do.

Election 2012:

There’s a LOT of reading to do on this page, but each link has value in identifying the issues we need to consider when choosing our leaders for the coming two (House), four (President) or six (Senate) years.

I may already have published one or more of these links, but if so, I think the subject’s that important and bears a re-read.

I’ve broken the page into Presidential Election, Romney, Ryan, Obama, and Congress, based on the subject.

Civil Liberties:

These links represent a variety of violations to privacy, personal liberty, even truth.

Especially disturbing, the Contraception video, which seems to imply that our coming Baby Boom problem would be cured by breeding enough children to help us cope with the coming onslaught of elderly and sick, but which  fails utterly to discuss the realities of raising children specifically to care for their elders. How would this be any different from slavery?

Under Legal, racial profiling gone horribly wrong, not just for those whose rights have been violated, but for the officers forced to comply with the quotas. Turn these tables and imagine that these officers are teachers trying to keep their jobs and being judged for their students’ test scores, and you begin to see the problem with the assumption that the only way to know a public servant is doing her job is by the volume of reports she files each week.

Science News

Short pieces of interest to nerds like me. Subjects include Space, Felix Baumgartner (Base Jumper) and Health (specifically about pain and it’s lasting and damaging effects on people).

World News:

As Malala Yousafzai continues her recovery (insofar as you can call it that) Pakistanis and Afghans are rising up against the Taliban. Their reaction? Complaints of a “bias” in coverage. Where have we heard those words before?

In a move that some have anticipated and others dreaded, the UK has taken steps to begin a process that could end over 300 years of British rule over Scotland. While success is by no means certain, and consequences unclear, this is a huge step forward.

Omnibus (Culture & Miscellaneous): 

The lighter side of life, because even though there’s a lot of gloom and doom, you can categorize much of what is wrong here as First World Problems, and frankly not everything is awful. At least not now. Ask me again in three weeks and a day…

36 Windows: October 15, 2012 – Election 2012

36 Windows: October 15, 2012 – Election 2012

There’s a LOT of reading to do on this page, but each link has value in identifying the issues we need to consider when choosing our leaders for the coming two (House), four (President) or six (Senate) years.

I may already have published one or more of these links, but if so, I think the subject’s that important and bears a re-read.

I’ve broken the page into Presidential Election, Romney, Ryan, Obama, and Congress, based on the subject.

Presidential Election

November 7th
Though their agendas are hidden, both Romney and Obama have plans to dramatically remake the size and character of American government. Very, very quickly. (New York Magazine):

The Final Word on Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan (Bloomberg):

Ryan’s Budget: The Most Fraudulent Proposal in American History (Economist’s View): http://economistsview.typepad.com/economistsview/2012/08/ryans-budget-the-most-fraudulent-proposal-in-american-history.html


Romney Ignores Bainport While Trying to Take Back 47% Comments (PoliticsUSA):

More on Bainport: 

Romney Is Attacked by His Father’s Longtime Aide (The New York Times):

Dear Mrs. Romney (Another view from a Military wife and mother) (Daily Kos):


UPDATE [10/21/12]: It’s come to my attention that Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society President Brian Antal did not tell the whole truth on the story I posted October 16th, just hours after the initial reports hit the wire. NBC News reports that Ryan did, in fact, help to clean dishes and that Antal was not there but received the story second-hand. (http://firstread.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/10/16/14485409-ryan-did-wash-dirty-dishes-during-soup-kitchen-visit).

Ryan’s clumsy attempt at gaining public sympathy and recognition for his “care of the poor” backfired, but so has President Antal’s ham-fisted accusation of wrongdoing. No matter what, he should consider stepping down and away from the situation. Partisan politics aside, there are any number of issues with these admissions, and in the end it is the patrons of the Soup Kitchen who will be most hurt by this.

The original article is here: Charity president unhappy about Paul Ryan soup kitchen ‘photo op’ (The Washington Post): https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2012/10/15/charity-president-unhappy-about-paul-ryan-soup-kitchen-photo-op/


U.S. budget deficit shrinks by over $200 billion, reaches 4-year low (The Maddow Blog/MSNBC):

Say WHAT? Obama Will ‘Throw A Lot Of Spears’ In Next Debate, Warns SC Gov. Video of Sanford On Fox News (Addicting Info):

To the 16-Year-Old Who Knocked on My Door, Asking That I Vote for Obama (Daily Kos):


Clinton: GOP’s State Dept. cuts ‘detrimental’ to national security (The Hill):

Republican leadership’s FY11 budget cuts would endanger national security, Clinton says (The Washington Post):

Todd Akin
No science behind evolution, only faith (Examiner.com)
[Dead link]

DOWN-BALLOT UPDATE: What Ever Happened To That ‘Legitimate Rape’ Guy? (The Daily Show):

Back to October 15, 2012 “36 Windows…”

And now for something REALLY scary…

And now for something REALLY scary…

Reagan insider: ‘GOP destroyed U.S. economy’
By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch Aug. 10, 2010, 12:45 a.m. EDT

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. (MarketWatch) — “How my G.O.P. destroyed the U.S. economy.” Yes, that is exactly what David Stockman, President Ronald Reagan’s director of the Office of Management and Budget, wrote in a recent New York Times op-ed piece, “Four Deformations of the Apocalypse.”


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This is what happens when I get tired…

This is what happens when I get tired…

I’ve been poking around a web site looking for stuff to stick to my new car. I already have a folder full of stickers, including the one I got from MS, but I haven’t gotten the round ‘tuits yet, and I thought I’d see what else I could find. And boy, howdy, there’s plenty here: http://www.evolvefish.com/.

My favorite, and the one least likely to pass muster with DH (who may occasionally drive the car to work), was: “Would Somebody Please Give Bush a Blowjob So We Can Impeach Him?” Then there’s explaining to my kid what the term “blowjob” means…

I’ve got a bunch of stuff racked up in the shopping cart. I just need to know which item(s) DH might want for his car.

All I still need are big bright “flower power” daisies, and I’ll be all set. (Okay, so it isn’t a VW Bug. Sue me.)

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