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Oh for crying out loud – can’t they just learn to keep their things inside their pants???

Oh for crying out loud – can’t they just learn to keep their things inside their pants???

Edwards admits to extramarital affair

I was prepared to vote for this man. Hell, I even was willing to accept him as VP.


WTF indeed.


I’m so shocked. Guess he’s human after all.

unfortunately … no … they can’t. It is all about biology. It takes a very dedicated primate to stick to only one partner.

Persons of power have an even more difficult time with since they are more likely to be surrounded by other persons who want a part of the power action. This increases the likelyhood that a weakness will develope and that weakness can then be exploited.

No, I am not excusing his behavior like his wife did. Part of the reason we can never accept such behaviors among persons of power is BECAUSE it shows weakness.

I was having a discussion about this yesterday – it’s that last part that’s my beef.

I know infidelity happens, but how can you trust a guy who won’t tell the truth (emphatically denies it, in fact) about something this important to run the country honestly.

I really hope there’s no smoking guns or nasty skeletons hiding in Obama’s closet. I don’t think I can bear to think of President McCain, and that’s precisely what we’d get if something suddenly…came up…

“Very dedicated”? Crap. It just takes an adult.

I seriously believe that there was no accident to the timing of the announcemnt. I seriuosly believe that the media has something or several somethings evil or indescretionate on each and every one of the candidates and is just waiting for the most damaging moment to ‘leak’ the information.

In retrospect I suspect that sounds extremely conspiricy theroy of me. Perhaps I just need more caffine this morning.

OTOH I’m fine with having them release it now, before the convention. At least this way nobody will wonder why he wasn’t picked for VP.

Is it November yet?

Dear John,

John, this is your left hand.

Left hand, this is John.

I know you’re a man, and you have needs that are not currently being met by your fatally ill wife while you jet set around the world. I hope the two of you are very happy together.

Been there, done that. Wish I was less annoyed…

Been there, done that. Wish I was less annoyed…

Ok. I get the point. When I get four (yes, that’s right, four) phone calls from a candidate or his wife asking for my vote, I think I can figure out what it is they want. Somehow I must have gotten onto the “undecided” list (which, I’ll admit, was accurate immediately after Edwards dropped out). In any event, I’m glad I got the calls after I voted because if I’d gotten them beforehand, I might have voted otherwise out of sheer spite. Interestingly, I never got the call from the other side. Not a tremendous surprise. After all, we don’t really count, do we.

So, now it’s a waiting game. Fortunately for me, I went early, before work. Coming home tonight was a festival of bumper cars topped off with a nearly disastrous brush with high-graded driveways and sheet ice. I’m home and fed, caught up on email and LJ, and ready to crash. (Didn’t check the mailbox outside. Not interested in ice skating and it’s darn cold outside right now.)

I have one project I need to do before I go, though, and I’m hopping to it mere moments from now.

I just hope I did the right thing.

This is what happens when the intarwebs go away…

This is what happens when the intarwebs go away…

I posted my last message when I got home last night. I didn’t have time today to poke into my blog until about 15 minutes ago. So I missed this: http://www.johnedwards.com/. It makes my decision on the 12th a bit easier. I no longer have to worry about splitting the vote. And (I suspect) that is precisely why Edwards dropped out when he did. My respect grows. I hope the winner has the sense to go knock on his door when the search for a VP begins.

See, now, this is why I have friends!

See, now, this is why I have friends!

Whether they’re on my flist or not! 9-)

I listened for a little, when I wasn’t cursing the computer out. I got the newsletter labels printed (eventually) and turned everything off, including the TV.

For Christmas this year, my SiL gave me a quote a day calendar: The George W. Bush Out of Office Countdown.

Three gems I’ve tacked to my board at work:

“I’ve been to war. I’ve raised twins. If I had a choice, I’d rather go to war.”
— Charleston, WV, January 27, 2002

“See, one of the interesting things in the Oval Office–I love to bring people into the Oval Office–right around the corner from here–and say, this is where I office, but I want you to know the office is always bigger than the person.”
— Washington DC, January, 2004

“We thought long and hard about what to propose. We proposed a bold initiative, an initiative that takes equities out of the system so people are treated fairly.”
— Lee’s Summit, Missouri, January 2007

And this is the man who’s running our country.

Today’s gem:

357 Days Left:

“The war on terror involves Saddam Hussein because of the nature of Saddam Hussein, the history of Saddam Hussein, and his willingness to terrorize himself.”
— Grand Rapids, MI, January 29, 2003

My favorite feature of the calendar: GW in the bottom section, walking and waving. He’s at the far left of the page right now. In February, he’ll move a little closer to the right. And a little closer in March…..

BTW: I’m still firmly on the fence about who to vote for in a week or so for the primary. I still really like what Edwards has to say, but if I cast a vote for him and Hillary becomes our candidate because of it, I’ll never forgive myself. It’s all about strategy. Edwards and Obama have the best chance of winning over both sides. If not Edwards, then Obama. Hillary will pull every deceased Republican out of the woodwork to vote this coming November, and we just can’t have that.

Super Tuesday can’t come fast enough. Time to winnow the field.

I am in hell…

I am in hell…

1. My second grader has an assignment for extra credit: Watch the State of the Union address.

2. My preschooler thinks she’s missing something and is throwing a fit because she isn’t out here too.

3. I am listening to a melt down at the same time as I’m listening to the dreck on CNN.

I think I’m going to throw up.

(Interesting look on Obama’s face. Haven’t seen Edwards. Hillary looks like she swallowed a lemon.)

Can someone please wake me up when November 6 rolls around?

Ooh! That’s one thing…

Ooh! That’s one thing…

It’s possible I could go check out the New Hampshire returns. Odds are good Obama will be leading and Edwards will be a distant second. I really thought he might have been able to pull it out this time. (I voted for him in the last primary, too.)

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