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Aftermath (Part 11): It took six years…

Aftermath (Part 11): It took six years…

That’s how long ago I wrote this article:

It’s all right there, if you want to see…

And here we are. Let me take you on a brief stroll through the last 16 days. Continue reading “Aftermath (Part 11): It took six years…”

God’s Will…

God’s Will…

On Wednesday, May 3rd, Jimmy Kimmel took an emotional departure from the usual glib banter of his opening monologue to describe the surrounding his new son’s birth. Continue reading “God’s Will…”

Tired of listening to the blame masters…

Tired of listening to the blame masters…

This is a lovely and simple video right up until you realize that the GOP forced tax cuts to fall far, far short of what President Obama wanted in the first place, and because we’ve dicked around with spending for the last 30 years and not paying for it in taxes.

The Bush administration added a HUGE amount of debt to the deficit and didn’t pay for it. The GOP is blocking that payment now with obstruction and Sequestration, which hurts the 98% far, far more than anyone at the 2% level.

The lesson here is that if you want to go fight for the right to keep and bear oil, you’d damn well better figure out how to pay for it out of your big fat bank accounts and not force the rest of the people to bear the costs of protecting your interests. Too bad that didn’t happen, because that’s how we got where we are today.

Want to see what this really looks like?

From the Federal Bureau of Labor and Statistics (January 2012): Federal Government receipts and expenditures

Here’s the full article: The U.S. economy in 2020: recovery in uncertain times

From the article’s summary: “Real GDP is expected to grow 3.0 percent annually over the next decade, faster than the 1.6-percent-per-year growth experienced over the 2000–2010 period, but slower than the 3.4-percent growth from 1990 to 2000; recovery of the housing market, improved consumer confidence, strong business investment, rising medical expenses, and narrowing of the trade deficit also characterize the outlook.

To give the guy credit, Rep. Todd Young (R-IN) also recognizes that we shouldn’t pay congress for their failure to produce a budget, but I bet that doesn’t wash with the rest of the boys and girls up on Capitol Hill. And this is the same guy who sponsored this:

Young co-sponsors measure to repeal medical device tax

The Protect Medical Innovation Act would repeal the 2.3% excise tax on medical devices included in the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA), thereby reducing one of the payment methods for the ACA. Who are they protecting? The corporations providing the service, not the people who receive the benefits. Worse, this is an industry being encouraged by our activities in the Middle East, where improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are everywhere. The price we are paying for the war is too high by half. Cutting anything that helps protect our people when they return broken is wrong on so many levels I can’t even list them.

People need to stop listening to the GOP whining and realize that we have to pay for Bush’s wars somehow. Frankly, my tax dollars (if I had any, which I don’t because of MY employment situation) should be going to support our infrastructure, not to keep these businesses from paying taxes.

I’ll tell you what should change: Manufacturing costs need to drop so the items are less costly and easier to acquire. Oil prices should drop, so we can afford to spend our money in other ways and help support the rest of the country instead of the oil industry.

What the hell ever happened to Supply and Demand? We’re seeing corporate greed out of control and we wonder why we have no money to spend on paying down the debt. Control the greed and the deficit goes away.

Before you forward something that looks like it nails the whole problem, look again. Chances are, you’re only being told half the story and you should be especially suspicious if that story comes from the GOP.

I was writing, and then I checked Facebook…

I was writing, and then I checked Facebook…

I’ve been using FB and LJ as a place to blow off steam or to collect thoughts between writing jags. I was all set to post that I’d broken into the 15k mark, but then I poked into FB and found More Outrageous Extreme Right Wing Hatred _ DCCC

Go ahead. Click the link. Even you conservative Republican types, because this is your party putting out this crap.

From the page: “Among the leaders that addressed the crowd were: Republican Leader John Boehner, Republican Whip Eric Cantor, Republican Conference Chair Mike Pence, and Republican Representative Michele Bachmann.”

Be warned. It’s incendiary, all right. And yeah, it’s on the DCCC web site, so you guys wearing the red banners might have an issue with reading what’s there, but I still think you need to go there. This is what the ultra conservatives in YOUR party think is okay to put out there in the name of defense of MY country. Considering my heritage, I find the photo and the whole concept mortifying and hideous, but not for the reasons they want me to.

I’m trying really hard to practice tolerance of dissenting points of view. It’s hard. Sometimes I just have to blow past the rhetoric and skip through the links because I’d rather stay friends than argue politics with folks who aren’t moved by my brand of reason.

So here’s a different request: If you lean in the direction above, why don’t you have a chat with these folks? Do it for my sake or for the sakes of my friends who are single moms or simply uninsurable.

Last time I had to get insurance for myself, I wasn’t married, hadn’t had two c-sections or been diagnosed with an annoying (but persistent) coughing problem. I had not had back surgery for a ruptured disk, had never taken an antidepressant in my life. I can’t say any of that now. Back then I had a near run-in with the folks at BCBS about pre-existing conditions. It’s been 10 years or more since a company I worked for offered me a health insurance plan of any stripe. Until now I’ve been covered by my soon-to-be-ex-husband’s plan.

The COBRA clock starts ticking as soon as I sign the paperwork. There will come a time sometime in the next 36+ months when I will have to worry about this, unless (by some miracle) I am hired by a company that provides health insurance. By then I will be on the plus side of 49. Based on my past employability rate, I have every reason to worry. Without insurance, I run the risk of losing my house and everything in it to a single medical emergency. I carry a disability policy but it has a low cap and cannot be increased because…you guessed it…pre-existing conditions.

The arguments presented by the dissenters range from merely annoying to actively insane. It’s not helping your cause one bit. Hate is still hate.

Take a good look at the photo. What would Ben Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson have to say about this crap?

Stop this madness before we lose everything we stand for in this country! Last I checked, that would be “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”


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