Endarkenment (Part 2)…

Endarkenment (Part 2)…

Last week I got into a pissing contest with a couple of liberal fanatics who think the blue wave is real. I called bullshit based on what I’ve seen so far. They asked me to give a best guess scenario for the Senate, based on my research. The results are below, but before we get there, let me remind you just who you’re dealing with here. Continue reading “Endarkenment (Part 2)…”



Until today, If you looked up the word “Holocaust” on The Cassie Times, you only found the following posts, in reverse date order. I wrote these articles based on discoveries I made in the news, as they related to me or my views of current events. Continue reading “Perspective…”

Fascism Denial…

Fascism Denial…

Decades from now, will we remember all the warnings? Will we even be able to find the evidence that was there?

In the last few days, since the start of the 115th Congress, there have been reports all over the internet of rules changed to favor the GOP, to give them the power to strip away protections that keep our citizens healthy and safe.

None of these steps are new. Not one.

From the “victory tour” Trump recently finished, to his incessant Tweeting, he’s providing all the propaganda and smokescreen Republicans in the House and Senate require to hide what they’re doing. In the meantime, state legislatures are continuing to flex their ALEC-fueled conservative wings. Just yesterday, two new North Carolina-style bathroom bills surfaced, in Texas and Virginia. Restricted rights are just the beginning. We’re seeing a fascist takeover of the country, and we may well be too late to stop it.

Hitler’s rise to power is well documented. Our oldest population remembers what it looked like. They can see the parallels between the US and pre-Nazi Germany (commonly known as the Weimar Republic).

Anyone who failed to recognize or who now denies the truth of what Trump says he will do, who believes he wasn’t serious about the things he said before the election, deserves everything that’s coming. The hate, the denial, are symptoms of a much larger problem: Blame.

Regardless of who’s responsible for the ills of the country’s midsection and rust belt, the implications are very, very real. But it’s far, far more than just the ACA that’s going to fall in the next month.

It is denial of the parallels between the US and Germany that cost us the White House. Republicans denied the history. Liberals did, too. It’s all very well and good to deny history, to assume that it can’t happen here, but that’s a foolish path to take, because it has left us unprepared.

Two days ago, Ann Coulter Tweeted “14” to her fans. Today is the 14th day to the Inauguration. Make no mistake here: Her Tweet was a reference. Ignore that message, or the appointment of Steve Bannon to Trump’s administration, at your peril.

There’s only one way to deal with this. Resolve to resist what’s coming. Carry the truth. Print it on paper, because Net Neutrality is not guaranteed.

Have you stored a lot of your things in the “Cloud” to back up your business? Start figuring out now what you’ll do when your internet access goes away.

You have 14 days left to get the most important things out of the cloud.

Are you ready?

Fact-free ideology…

Fact-free ideology…

You know, I’m not all that good with math. Certainly never good enough to manage Trig in any useful way. There’s some amount of magic in making long formulae play together in complex methods that explain the universe (or at least try).

That said, there’s some basic math I consider easy to understand. Bistro math, geometry, statistical analysis (in its basic form). These numbers make sense to me because they define real-world aspects of life.

I understand the mathematics required to fill a stage with scenery and (except for cases of wishful thinking) the rooms in my house.

I can calculate a paycheck and figure out my taxes, even with all the arcane roadblocks the IRS has thrown in my way. And at the moment I’m solidly on the way to being debt free, with the exception of my mortgage, car and student loans. I don’t have much fun, while I’m paying down the debts, but I’m getting to the theatre I want to see and I’m going to a big name concert this summer to see two bucket list artists, for which I paid cash to cover the cost of the tickets. Heck, I just bought a serious in-window AC unit using my debit card, and I can still feed myself this week.

Overall, I’m in pretty good shape, thanks to my own personal math ability.

What amazes me, beyond all reason, is how often people who ought to think rationally can consistently see four fingers and call them five.

In 1984, a book that ought to be required reading instead of a frequently banned book, Orwell says “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” (Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/g/georgeorwe141783.html) How this cautionary tale got to be considered an instruction manual to manipulate our own people is beyond my understanding, but it’s all right there, in doublethink and torture:

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.
In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy.
And when memory failed and written records were falsified—when that happened, the claim of the Party to have improved the conditions of human life had got to be accepted, because there did not exist, and never again could exist, any standard against which it could be tested.
And perhaps you might pretend, afterwards, that it was only a trick and that you just said it to make them stop and didn’t really mean it. But that isn’t true. At the time when it happens you do mean it. You think there’s no other way of saving yourself and you’re quite ready to save yourself that way. You want it to happen to the other person. You don’t give a damn what they suffer. All you care about is yourself.


It is this core belief that the average voter is too stupid to notice the truth that drives Trump’s rise to power. How he came to be this close to the highest single office in this country is a work of absolute intent and the fault of every voter who ever believed a lie based in misdirection and greed.

The Seven Broken Guardrails of Democracy The American republic was long safeguarded by settled norms, now shattered by the rise of Donald Trump.

Note that I have a bunch of problems with the Atlantic article, but it comes close enough that it’s worth the read.

When we are fed daily on the importance of the latest football win or the current Survivor, when cooking shows and vacuously clean, expurgated music become the manna of the masses, we have already succumbed to the goals. Even the outrageously conspiratorial sites that urge us to reject medicine and science as somehow suspicious, play into the hands of men who give a damn only for their own personal economy, and to hell with everyone else.

It’s how Romney got close (if only that darned hidden camera hadn’t caught him in the lies), and how Trump will win.

Now we hear that we have to reject, utterly, the Media, because they offer nothing but lies. Nobody messes with Big Brother, nobody messes with Trump. Nobody messed with Hitler or Mussolini either.

Is this what people really, truly want for this country? Are we so very broken that the only way to fix us is to take the country over Trump’s knee so we can be spanked back into submission like good little worker bees?

Those of us who see this campaign for what it truly is are simply amazed that it got this far, because we’ve seen it coming for years. Those of us who can’t imagine never thought for one minute that it might happen here, because this is AMERICA!!! Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

I dearly love this country, but if Trump wins I will have to leave it, because it won’t be my country anymore. The fascists will have won. If you’re not looking for a way out, you’re still in denial. If not this year, then maybe we’ve gotten a four-year reprieve. I don’t think so, though. The GOP have until 2020 to fix the laws so that no matter what the census says, their gerrymandered majorities will be unbeatable, fixed in place, and with the SCOTUS under their firm control, that will be it for the Constitution as well.

If you don’t believe that’s the end game, you’re part of the problem. Be part of the solution instead.

But you have to stay…

But you have to stay…

Ya know, since I started posting about this election cycle, the rhetoric has gotten increasingly difficult to take, from both sides. For those of us who are all #VoteBlueNoMatterWho, it’s a no-win scenario.

From either side, I hear that I’m supporting someone disingenuous or incapable of winning. Hillary supporters think Bernie can’t do the job, that his plan is lacking, and that all he has is momentum, and not as much of that as he ought to have. Her supporters think I’m somehow less of a feminist if I support Sanders instead of Clinton.

Bernie supporters think that she’s a pathological liar, she’s in bed with Wall Street and not interested in serving MY needs, and all sorts of other things besides.

Never mind that the press and politicians haven’t touched Bernie and his Democratic Socialism yet because until he’s a real threat (which they’re denying as hard as they can because they would rather continue to smear Hillary). This crap isn’t new. In fact, it’s nearly 40 years old, and ought to be recognizable as a historically embarrassing time in our history. Except, of course, that the history books bear NO mention of what those years really looked like. And haven’t been taught. If the student never studies and never sees what happened, did it ever happen at all? That’s the core of 1984, and the whole of the GOP’s strategy against Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, there’s…Trump. Three times married, crude, lewd, greedy narcissistic jerk that he is, he’s garnering the Christian Conservative vote, the White Supremacy vote, the Never Hillary (and Bernie won’t get there) vote, and the Narcissist vote. He’s got the backing of the NRA, and pretty soon, the Koch brothers will line up behind him because it’s the only way they get their way in politics.

Someone asked if anyone else was sick of the rhetoric. I raised my hand, with a link to this article on Rawstory.com regarding Trump trolls posing as Clinton/Sanders supporters, and the link to the stories out of West Virginia talking about the open primary there and who actually crossed the line and why.

BUSTED: Trump-loving comment trolls pose as Sanders and Clinton supporters to divide Democrats

(Note that 4Chan is NSFW, but you can still see the original trolling posts there.) I got back a comment that it was just one guy.


Every time this subject has come up, I’ve said that I won’t stay in the US if Trump wins. I have no desire to live in a fascist theocracy or dictatorship, and I’m absolutely certain that’s what’s coming, with the certain replacement of three to four Supreme Court justices within the coming presidential term.

And the response? You can’t leave! Who’ll fight the battle for the US?

Well, let me tell you, it won’t be me.

I don’t love my country so much that I’m willing to die or be maimed for it. If that makes me a heretic, so be it, but I know for a fact I’m not alone here. I chose not to serve in the military for a reason, and I’ll be damned if I’ll make cannon fodder out of my kids because I opted to stay and fight.

The last post I made, You say you want a revolution…, got a *crickets* response. People really think that revolution is actually a bloodless, painless affair. They truly don’t understand history, have no frame of reference for what freedom fighters did and what it cost them to do it. They can’t fathom what life was like for Anne Frank, or how concentration camps actually worked because teachers don’t teach the history anymore. They’re too busy making sure their students can pass the Pearson tests that fail to cover these aspects of history, whitewash what slavery was truly like, and promote ignorance over reality and historical fact because it’s inconvenient.

No, it’s NOT my job to stay here, take up arms, and fight for my country. It’s my job to protect my kids and to raise them in a safe environment, to ensure their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nowhere in that language does it say I have to wield a gun to make that happen, no matter how many 2A apologists want me to think otherwise.

If that’s all the US has left, to give itself over to misogyny and hate, I’m out of here. My passport’s current. Is yours?

If you want me to stick around, make sure Trump doesn’t win.

That’s YOUR job.

And another thing…

And another thing…

I’m going to riff off the post I made earlier on FB, because it summarizes the problem we’re facing today. If you already read my post, feel free to share it. I’m following on from my last post, Connecting the Dots, Part 4, where you’ll find the current stats for the 2016 Primaries and Caucuses.

What did the GOP establishment think was going to happen when they kept comparing President Obama to Hitler, told their constituents they ALL had to have guns to protect themselves, that the country is in crisis and only the GOP will save them, and then put up a field of candidates who couldn’t actually deliver?

When the real deal–a pure fascist demagogue–comes along with actual authoritarian values, charismatic appeal to the basest senses of fear and loathing, and stirs up the spoon-fed population of fully armed racists, bigots, misogynists and zealots and tells them he’ll do everything their narrow-minded hearts desire, who are they going to follow?

Make no mistake here: The GOP establishment and their crony capitalist billionaire thugs built this, and they’ve intentionally rigged the system with deceptive voting machines, voter ID laws and outright fraudulent counting practices just to ensure their candidates can’t lose. When Trump sweeps in come November, it will be because of everything WE let them do in the last eight years in service to the government they’ve sworn to destroy.

What they’ve all failed to remember–every last one of them–is what Germany looked like for DECADES. The Berlin Wall came down in 1989 and the final reunification took place in 1992, almost 50 years AFTER the end of World War II in 1945.

Think about that for a while, as you chew on all the rhetoric that says it can’t happen here, that Trump isn’t electable, that somehow Bernie Sanders or Hillary Rodham Clinton will win and we’ll all be okay.

The Right doesn’t recognize fascism because they think it’s a 54 year-old black man from Kenya.

Think about it.

Addendum 1:

This just crossed my feed. It doesn’t name names or call the question of where ALEC derived, but everything I’ve been saying since 2012 is here. What we’re seeing is the natural progression of decades of hate and manipulation, coalescing around Trump and Cruz (recently compared elsewhere in my feed to Mussolini and Hitler).

They built this.

Vote Libertarian and you suck votes away from the GOP. Vote Green or Socialist and you suck votes away from the Dems. And if, as I suspect, Cruz moves forward and takes the nomination away from Trump, there will rise a third party, that will split the GOP straight down the middle. IF Cruz gets enough support.
Regardless, that is the ONLY WAY this election won’t produce a Republican for the White House. Your choice: Authoritarian Fascist or Christian Theocrat. Which is worse: Concentration camps or the Spanish Inquisition?
Take your pick.
Connecting the Dots, Part 3

Connecting the Dots, Part 3

When I wrote this post back in 2012, just before the 2012 election, I was doing everything in my power to get the word out that we couldn’t elect Mitt Romney because he was backed by American Fascists.

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