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It couldn’t happen to a nicer [_____]…

It couldn’t happen to a nicer [_____]…

You Know Who
The Former President

Okay, so I was going to use that title for Alex Jones because, you know, it’s appropriate and stuff, but now I have a bigger fish on the menu. How big?

So big.


HUGE, even.

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Burden of Proof…

Burden of Proof…

This nugget showed up on a friend’s FB post, which I can now no longer find. Chances are, either the friend decided it had to go, the genius who posted it blocked me, or I blocked him.

At the time, (sometime just after Christmas, I think) I thanked the guy for posting virtually every propaganda-driven talking point Alex Jones and Fox News have shoved into his brain in the name of truth. Here it is, folks. GOP trash talk, all in one convenient comment. Continue reading “Burden of Proof…”

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