Superheroes, Star Wars, and toxic masculinity…

Superheroes, Star Wars, and toxic masculinity…

So sometime in the last couple of days, this post (and artwork) circulated into my Facebook feed from several sources:

and on Twitter:

I’d link to the image itself, except that would be stealing. Go check Andrew Dobson’s feed on FB or Twitter and come back. Continue reading “Superheroes, Star Wars, and toxic masculinity…”

36 Windows: October 15, 2012 – Omnibus (Culture and Miscellaneous)

36 Windows: October 15, 2012 – Omnibus (Culture and Miscellaneous)

The lighter side of life, because even though there’s a lot of gloom and doom, you can categorize much of what is wrong here as First World Problems, and frankly not everything is awful. At least not now. Ask me again in two weeks and a day…

Get Medieval on Your Pop-Up
How to Disguise Your Portable Pavilion for Renaissance Faires and Medieval Events:

Youth Flock to Contra Dancing (NPR):

Some Book! ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Turns 60 (NPR):

The Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim Burton’s Original Poem (YouTube):

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I’m just a little late, here, but gotta say it anyway…

I’m just a little late, here, but gotta say it anyway…

We watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on the 1st, because my oldest wasn’t up to watching anything the night before. After it was over, the kids begged to watch You’re NOT Elected, Charlie Brown. Originally, I said it was not as good. I was wrong. I forgot how closely it paralleled the 1972 election (was released just before), and I forgot about the Joe Cool appearance. Most importantly, I laughed harder and longer at that than I did at Great Pumpkin.

You’ve still got a day before the election. Go. Find it and watch. You’ll be enlightened…again.

Does anybody here see what I see???

Does anybody here see what I see???


1. It’s the 4th. Anyone want to come over and watch 1776 with me? Like maybe tonight??? I need some serious patriotism infusions (like the right kind, not what we’re hearing from Capitol Hill). [ETA: I want to watch the movie – really, I do – but I have to go fetch roller skates from Laurel. If you want to see the movie with me, head to my place around 9pm tonight!]

2. It’s time for a reminder that this whole big mess we’re in revolves around oil.

The war? We wanted to be sure the oil fields of Iraq were in our control. Right? (Oh, no. It was because there were WMDs on the loose. Yeah, yeah…..)

Now that we’ve got control (or something like it), have we improved our situation? Nope! Don’t think so.

And now, what’s the President and his clone suggesting will be the magic solution to our problem? Invest in new energy technology???? Nope.

Let’s go drill in Alaska.

>.< Maybe it's just me and I'm prone to seeing spiders that aren't there, but this whole mess feels in some way contrived as a means to hold our wilderness areas hostage. And the stupid people are falling for it. I can't help but think that the reason we're in the fuel hell we are right now is that this whole war has been about drilling rights. It's convoluted. I have no proof. But I have gut feelings and very often I'm proven right. Every time the Bush-man opens his mouth and says this whole thing will go away if we just surrender the rights to drill in Alaska, my skin crawls. (I predicted this war when the towers fell. Don't remember? Go read what I wrote back then. It was on my web site in 2001. It wasn’t a surprise. Just a confirmation that Evil took control.)

Stupid Republican Autocrats!


Oh, let me depress you *further*… what if it could be proved that the war was *intended* to drive up the price of oil, because the Multinational Oil Companies (yes, the almost-an-Illuminati group from the Steve Jackson game) wanted to force Americans to begin paying something closer to what Europeans have been paying for a while?

But, seriously… hope you get to see John Adams with company tonight, given that he IS obnoxious and disliked.

Considering the research i did for a book called Banking on Baghdad, i can say the oil companies do not care about countries. All they care about is profit. During WWII, at least one, which i will not name, sold to both sides. And there are even more outrageous things done by oil companies during war time.

For my “patriotic” viewing this year I watched “V for Vendetta”

Highly recommended.

Good choice!



Our church is holding a free showing of An Inconvenient Truth:

Spotlight on Global Warming

A free showing of the acclaimed video by Al Gore: An Inconvenient Truth. A discussion session follows. Printed material also available.
When: Sunday October 8 at 1:30 p.m.

***A special thank you to Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light for providing us with this great opportunity. Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light (GWIPL) is a non-profit initiative that helps congregations, religious institutions and others in the Washington, D.C. area work for a more just, sustainable and healthier creation by reducing the threat of global warming. Visit for information and resources.

The Washington, DC Green Festival is coming October 14 and 15 to the Washington Convention Center. This seems like a very good time to investigate solar panels, green building materials and so on. I’m thinking maybe we’ll go Saturday. Anyone else interested? [Dead link]

O’Malley/Brown fixed their web site so the video doesn’t automatically launch. It still doesn’t say explicitly that they’re running for Gov/Lt.Gov, but you really have to be living under a rock if you’re in the Metro DC area and you don’t know they’re running against Ehrlich (our soon to be Ex-Governor, if we have anything to say about it.

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