Education cuts? Good grief!

Education cuts? Good grief!

Lawmakers looking favorably on cuts in education funding: A first step might be easing counties’ obligation

I don’t get it. We mandate by federal law No Child Left Behind, then pull funding from schools to ensure that the only thing teachers can teach are the ways to pass the tests mandated by NCLB. Who wins here? Certainly not the kids.

I want to rant all over this but I’ve got a headache and I’m trying to work on too many things around here. I could flail around wildly trying to affix blame for where we are educationally, but there’s very little point and in the end I won’t have accomplished anything useful.

Education should be this country’s number one priority. Without it, our kids won’t be able to get themselves out of our houses, and we’ll fall even farther behind the other countries in our ability to compete and grow. If a kindergarten teacher can’t even take the time to help teach a kid to tie his shoelaces, then we’ve done something terrible to our educational system. Driving teachers out because we can’t afford to pay them, increasing class sizes because we can’t afford the teachers, making teachers follow strict guidelines over what they should teach and when burns out all but the most dedicated (or least flexible) of people.

When are we going to wake up and do something about this?

How blindingly stupid can we get?!?


Stupid, or maybe evil. Sometimes I think that certain people, having failed to get prayer into public schools, are now trying to destroy them.

Down here the state budget shortfall is resulting in furlough days for state employees, including public school teachers. If there were teacher unions down here they’d have a much more difficult time of it.

Back in Reagan’s time the conservatives wanted to “starve the beast.” Well, there may be times when smaller government is a good idea, but starving the beast to death is insane. Do these people really want to get elected to the government in order to destroy it? Isn’t that treason?

Sadly we can get pretty darn stupid. Neither political party wants to work together because that would mean compromise and that would mean a loss of power. Cant they seem it is not productive to play us verses them? and hat is sadder is that it seems the majority of people can’t see that they are playing a divide and concur game. And the ones who really pay teh price are the children.

I’m afraid it will only get worse. As a voting bloc, parents of school-age children will lose out to retiring baby boomers within the next 10 years. Guess what parts of the budget will become untouchable?

Yeah. I have a rant going in my head but it’ll just make my head explode if I let it out. So yeah. Pretty effin stupid, is the answer to your question.

I should NOT be awake right now…

I should NOT be awake right now…

Oh, and because I simply can’t resist – I hope this is true: Rove Informs White House He Will Be Indicted [Turns out not to be true, unfortunately. is a propaganda site. See this:] (Thanks to Liam for posting the link.) Maybe there’s a little hope out there in the midst of this Pandora’s Box we’ve got open right now…

A couple more things I forgot last night, in the haze…

First up, while we were stuck in traffic last night, heading down to see Midsummer, I tuned in to Marketplace in the middle of this story:

A mom’s road back to work is often bumpy

At least I’m not alone.

Before kids, when I interviewed, generally speaking, I had the option to turn offers down. So far this time, I’ve been on two interviews, and I’ve been told twice I’m not right for the job. I suspect it’s because of my kids.

So what do I do? Lie? Tell them I have kids but I also don’t care?

I don’t want to freelance anymore. It’s a pain and the pay is insufficient to cover everything. But if I can’t get a job with the kind of pay I need to cover child care, then what’s the point in trying?

With all the fuss made about “family values” I’d like to see some fuss made to help *support* those of us who care about those family values. Lucky for me, my husband has a decent job. I can’t imagine what would happen if that wasn’t the case.

You know, for all the fuss we’ve made over the last 20 years about the improvements to life and work, how am I so much different from a woman in the 50s? I suppose the opportunities are out there, but if the companies aren’t hiring me, then they aren’t opportunities, are they?

On a related note: I ranted at a friend’s a few weeks ago about education and No Child Left Behind. It’s a sore point for me. Very sore. Having gone through a year of life with today’s kindergartener, I can say with certainty that 15 years down the road, we’ll see all the damage the current administration has done with this so-called insurance policy for kids. We’ll have fewer teachers, more kids to teach, and more kids falling through the cracks or dumbing down because the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many.

If you’re going to force kids to know the stuff they should *before* starting kindergarten, and you’re not providing proper advance notice to parents, there’s no way the kids will be able to catch up. I’m lucky (again). I can afford to send my kids to preschool (even if it’s a coop program and I have to be in class once a month). But how is it for the kids whose parents can’t afford preschool, but who can’t qualify for Head Start either?

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Don’t give me another damn tax cut. Better yet, don’t give yourself another tax cut. Go give the money to the programs (like Education) that need it! Regulate the industries where spending has gone out of control! Or find a way to mandate something for education for which you can actually afford to pay.

And you can start by making it possible for us women with children to find a place in the work force so we can afford to help pay for all this stuff!!!

“Make your blood boil, well I should say….”

“Make your blood boil, well I should say….”

And may I add, this is part of the reason why we switched cars this weekend, and why I’m making DH ride Metro again, as much as he hates commuting that way. Sure. I love macaroni and cheese as much as the next person, but I don’t want to eat it every day and that’s what I have to look forward to if the cost of gas and groceries doesn’t start nosediving soon. I can’t afford to go get a job of my own right now – my salary would be mostly eaten by the cost of a full time babysitter.

If DH has to go on another deployment for any length of time over 120 hours, we’re on his military salary and not his civillian job.

And I’m supposed to *support* this crap?

Give me a break!

If the Dems want to return to winning, they need to forget about labor, and welfare, and race. The truly unifying issue, and the logical job of government, is infrastructure. Building a strong America at home should now be job one. It’s a winning theme.

I am right there with you.

Right now, I’m not terribly proud of my own chosen party, but in my opinion it’s still better than the alternatives. If all the parties could ever get past the whole Them against Us approach, and simply concentrated on providing viable solutions to the problems we’re having in this country with pollution, education and economy, we’d be a whole lot better off. Almost (but not quite) makes me want to join the Reds (and I don’t mean the Republicans, either).

Oddly enough, I’m finding more and more that I align myself with Socialists rather than Democrats, but last I checked, the primary that mattered most didn’t include that particular party, and I still want a say in who’s running on my behalf. Maybe I should join the Republicans and angle them towards moderation instead of sticking with the Democrats.

Anyway, you have the right of it, all the way down. Build up the infrastructure and the education, health and welfare issues will fix themselves.

Take away that support, and the whole thing disintegrates into nothing more than anarchy.

“No Child Left Behind” my behind!

And see, here’s where we differ. I don’t think we need any parties at all. We just need folks to be interested in the people and not in themselves.

When the parties start serving the people instead of themselves, we’ll have a better way of doing things.

My personal preference would be to eliminate all the salaries for these fine folks who are representing us. We provide them with the same sort of housing they’re providing to the rest of the public housing crowd, give them three squares a day, on us. I’ll bet the quality of life for these folks would improve with lightning speed.

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