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This writing space aggregates the thoughts and interests of its authors and the articles we have found that illustrate our history and our future.

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In this space you will also find links to resources for funding our future, providing safety nets for those who have none, and important information you need to understand why we are where we are. To get a snapshot of our history, read the Dots, Endarkenment, and Aftermath articles in particular.

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Cassandra’s Lists are aggregated statistics from elections over the past 20+ years, which show the damage Justice Scalia and the Supreme Court rendered to the Voting Rights Act of 1968. These stats are, for the most part, current as of June 26, 2022 (for the Senate election).

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About me

I’ve been blogging since August, 2004 and posting on Facebook since August, 2007.

In all that time, I’ve tried to figure out why I should write. Of course, the answer is obvious: Because I can’t stop myself.

My career as an author began in high school with the semi-regular school newsletter Liberated Perspectives. When LP stopped publication at the end of my junior year, I helped launch Spectrum, an attempt at a literary magazine for those of us who still wanted to write and be read. We only put out four issues, but that’s respectable for a handful of kids who had other things to do in school at the same time.

A product of early Magnet school education, I began the shift from traditional schools in the middle of fifth grade, during a teachers’ strike in our home school district. Because of my family life, I have a relatively unique perspective on the way schools work (and don’t), and on how current events shape our lives. I’m fascinated with social sciences, the arts and mythology; hence the title of this blog.

I intend to use this space to collect the commentary I see elsewhere, combined with my own personal observations on what things work and why, and when things have broken. Consider this a logical expansion of my observations on Facebook and elsewhere.

I don’t mince words. If you have something to say, best show your sources and make sure they pass muster. I will check your facts and call you on them if I think you haven’t done a good job.

Enjoy the ride!

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