Goodbye, Facebook

In 2008, shortly after everything in my personal life started to slide sideways, I took a job to make ends meet. And here we are.

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That job was all about connecting with communities and marketing our nonprofit organization’s services to them. That’s how I originally launched my Facebook account. In 2016, right after the election, I changed the name of my FB account to match this blog. Over time, people forgot the writer’s name, which is fine with me. That job is long gone and so are over 750 friends who were on that account. Today I’m down to one friend, Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station, and that unfriending happens as soon as I have the last piece of content in my hands, in JSON format. Jim’s account is locked down and I’m following his group now, which is okay. Following the group is the right thing to do. I can give someone else my space in his friends list.

It didn’t have to be like this, but Meta changed their Terms of Service and I decided it was time.

It has taken me almost two months to extract all the content I care about, to migrate the people I want to stay connected with to the other account. I set that account up to satisfy college networking homework requirements but it satisfies the need for employers to find me and it gives me a reason to abandon Meta for this space instead.

If you opted to join me here, I’ll be posting new material over the coming weeks, but I’m wrapping up a project that’s taking what’s left of my free time. Since I don’t get paid to write here (unless you think you’ll contribute to a Patreon), you are welcome to adjust your expectations accordingly. This kind of writing takes much more thought and I’ve been skimming the surface a LONG time, so I’m kinda rusty.

Honestly, it’s a relief. The other account posts Friends Only unless I’m bragging about something and I’m not particularly good at self-promotion, so bragging isn’t going to happen often over there. As long as The Committee is in recess and the DOJ is doing its job, there’s not all that much to write about here.

Yes, it IS an election year and YES, you SHOULD go vote. I’ll get to updating my Cassandra’s List soonish. Unless I see a super dramatic change in behavior, though, I don’t expect miracles. You shouldn’t, either. Especially if you don’t bother to vote.

You are free (nay, encouraged) to prove me wrong. Go check your registration at and make sure you can still vote in November. Check it at least every two weeks from here on out. You have just over ten weeks, less if you get to vote by mail or early, to turn this mess around.

I have thoughts about Mar-a-Lago, Trump, and the rest of the Republican rattlesnake nest. Now that I’m not on Meta anymore, if you want to share what I have to say about all of that, you’re going to have to link to these posts. I’m not sharing this content on Facebook but you can, as long as you link to the post in this blog. Do NOT copy and paste my content. That’s a perfect way to get booted from here.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, if you want, since this account is tied to that space and anything I post here gets posted there instantly.

Or not.

And please do let me know if you think Patreon is a thing you would use. I’ll reconsider.

See you in earnest in September.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Facebook

  1. I already Patreon about 1/2 dozen authors/creators (including Jim Wright) and would be happy to add you to the list. How would I go about doing that? Do you have an account with them? It wouldn’t be for a lot, but for those who have numerous supporters it can add up.

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