It couldn’t happen to a nicer [_____]…

You Know Who
The Former President

Okay, so I was going to use that title for Alex Jones because, you know, it’s appropriate and stuff, but now I have a bigger fish on the menu. How big?

So big.


HUGE, even.

And it couldn’t happen soon enough. Finally, FINALLY, Merrick Garland is doing what needs to be done.

The Guardian: Donald Trump says FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago home

It would be lovely to think that the next step in this process is the perp walk we all wanted to see when it was first published on YouTube way back in 2017.

Of course, it’s too soon to say what (if anything) the charges will be, but just knowing the FBI did this gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling, especially coming hard on the heels of the Democratic accomplishments in just the last week, in spite of every road block Mitch McConnell and his Republican weasels put in front of the process.

Reconciliation bills. Love them or hate them, the GOP put the poison pill in place and now they get to swallow it all, in one heaping helping of schadenfreude hot sauce, without a beer chaser, even.


More hearings coming soon.

Can’t wait.

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