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Today’s festivities include downloading my entire FB history for all time. You can do that here. 

But that’s not all.

Regarding Facebook: You can do a lot of other housekeeping from this specific page, which I strongly recommend you do at least twice a year. I’m feeling pretty confident that if I unfollowed you, you unfollowed me, too, and nobody’s ever answered what happens when both of you unfollow but don’t unfriend each other, other than reducing the signal to noise ratio.

About the rest?

Talking about this process and the naming of this account led to a realization, and I’m going to mention it here because so far as I know, nobody online has said a word about it, but you know, back in 2004, people had plenty to say about it. Where? Usenet, of course.

Here’s a sampling of what that looked like.

Feel free to peruse that thread for all the same whataboutisms we see today in the modern Republican Party. A lot of that rhetoric and ad hominem nonsense should look VERY familiar but nobody remembers the Iraq War and the Bush administration. They only view in large generalizations. In their minds, Trump < Nixon is a valid apples-to-apples comparison. I’m not great at math, to be sure, but I am 100% certain of this equation:

Trump + Bush2 + Reagan + Nixon(Ford) < Obama + Clinton + Carter

NO ONE DIED When Clinton Lied

Back in the day, I had that bumper sticker, along with an Impeach sticker. This photo predates those stickers, but you get the idea. My current car has only one sticker on it, and it’s for a place, not for politics, because I can’t trust assholes not to slice my tires over politics.

Car, rear view (circa 2006)

I get their apples-to-apples comparison, but what a rotten barrel of apples they are. What concerns me, though, is that I’m seeing people TODAY who are talking about choosing not to vote in the upcoming midterm elections because the Democrats put money into the Republican primary to boost signal for Dan Cox, a far right Trumper in Maryland. They see that interference as bad. It’s dirty politics to be sure, but what the FUCK do people want? Complain all you want about this interference, but these self same people argue that Democrats aren’t doing enough to change the battle plan. They used Republican tactics this time, in what should be a walk in the park for Wes Moore, the Democratic candidate for Governor, and these people have decided it’s worth sitting out the election.

No, really. Someone needs to explain it to these people that if they DON’T show up, Cox will replace Hogan (who has all but declared his candidacy for President in 2024, like nobody could possibly see THAT coming).


Because White Democrats are gutless wonders when it comes to electing Black candidates to anything higher than State offices, and they’re often reluctant to do even that much to acknowledge reality. Meanwhile, I live in a majority Black county and I have eyes. I know what I’m seeing.

If you think you can justify sitting this election out or voting for (god help us) Cox in the General this November, that countdown on my Blog wall will tell you everything you need to know about where we go from here.

As Ethan Grey (@_EthanGrey): said on Twitter on July 23, 2022:

If you allow the Republican Party to win control of state legislatures to the degree that they control 34 out of 50 of them, you need to know that is the exact number of state legislatures they need to control to unleash a Constitutional Convention upon everybody else.

To remind you of our proximity to this moment, the Republican Party currently controls 30 state legislatures.

This election has already been damaged through inaction and outright interference with our right to vote. All the hilarious jokes about Josh Hawley aside, none of this is funny.

I don’t want to see this future.

Do you?

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