If you’re new, welcome aboard…

This is the last weekend my account will be connected to Facebook. You can see the previous post for why that is.
I’m sad because I was one of the lucky early ones to get Jim Wright (Stonekettle Station) to accept a friend’s request, and that is giving me pause for keeping the account as a read-only option, but to be honest, it’s exhausting remembering what I’m posting and where, and the tracking management for Facebook sucks huge hairy rocks.

In 2012, I drifted away from LiveJournal (thanks, Russians) and moved almost exclusively to Facebook. I’ve tried to pull posts off of Facebook and migrate them into a personal WordPress space (NOT this one) but that’s a major effort and I’ve been dragging and distracted, so it’s only partially done. I still have a presence on FB, but it’s greatly reduced, largely friends only, and likely to stay that way because it’s there for one purpose: To give employers something to find if they go searching for me on the Internet.

I also have a Twitter account, but I don’t spend much time there because it’s an even deeper cesspool of human filth.

This account has attracted a huge Bot following, so be advised: All comments (and I really do mean ALL) are monitored and nothing gets through unless I explicitly say it should.

There is one guest account here. There could be others. If you have a desire to write along similar lines, you’re welcome to tag me and I’ll change your account from Subscriber to Author.

I recently spent a bunch of time reorganizing the Categories and Tags, so there are fewer of one and a LOT more of the other. And I’m updating Cassandra’s Lists in a kind of haphazard way because I don’t think we’re seeing enough movement to suggest that things have gotten better. In fact, I am reasonably sure they’re a lot worse than they were when I launched this blog, some ten years ago or so.

That said, I want a place where I can speak my mind and be sure that the people who care can see it. Feel free to share the info you see here, correctly attributed. If you like what I have to say, share the post from here, don’t copy pasta anything.

Percolating something to say about the hearings, but nothing has really gelled, so it might be a couple of days. I’m still managing two accounts, and that takes time.

Got questions? Let me know.

And welcome aboard.


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