What Meta can do with its new Terms of Service…

Fair warning:

On July 26, 2022, Facebook will be updating their terms of service.

On July 25, 2022 I will be closing my account.

Here are the terms of service. I direct you to investigate all of 3.2.


Who gets to decide what reports are frivolous? Meta?


I’m done. Finished. Tired. If you want to keep following what I have to say, you can subscribe to my blog.

I doubt most of you will because most of you stopped following me years ago because I talked too much about the “p” word and you just don’t give a shit what I have to say about that. You’re wrong, of course, because outside of cute cat photos which I rarely post, I don’t talk about ANYTHING that doesn’t somehow relate to the “p” word.

There are other ways to find me on this platform or on the Internet, but this account won’t be one of them.

Cassandra tried to warn her people of the impending war in Troy. Apollo decided to take away her ability to use her gift of prophecy.

Now Meta is acting like Apollo and I’m just done.

You have 30 days. Act accordingly.


5 thoughts on “What Meta can do with its new Terms of Service…

  1. Completely understand what you are saying. I wish there was another way to keep in contact with my relatives/friends.

  2. May have to give up on FB, but it’s a shame since that’s my best way to keep in touch with distant friends.

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