Sedition and Impeachment…

There are quite a number of authors I follow on Facebook and Twitter, and they are all saying the things I would say if I could bring myself to write about the shit show that was the last two months.

The actions and activities of the last several weeks are almost certainly a prelude.

I’m expecting it. I need to go out and get milk this afternoon. Other than that, I have everything I need in the house for at least the next ten days. I don’t intend to go anywhere I don’t need to, but I’m not an obvious target.

What scares me is all the ones who are obvious targets.

We are in a very dangerous place, even if all our lawns are manicured and all the buildings whole.

The Nashville bombing was an opening salvo, not a lone wolf incident. If I see any of my peeps using that language, expect me to call you out immediately.

If you can’t imagine what can happen, perhaps you should consider that the US Senate had an opportunity to stop this a year ago and they refused.

The US House of Representatives are moving toward impeaching Trump a second time, and McConnell will refuse to do a thing about it until he is out of power, coinciding with Biden’s inauguration.
This is not an accident or a blip. It is the natural progress of a forty-year campaign against liberal politics. Protecting the people of this country was never the goal. Those who have enjoyed the financial and political power achieved through Republican lies.

Denial of this truth has cost me friends who called me hyperbolic, who refused to acknowledge my view that this is reality, who asked me to provide a cure rather than address the issue. Who claimed that racism did not exist, that Black people can carry guns and escape unscathed, that Democrats are just as bad as Republicans, that a third party vote did anything to stop these things from happening, or that caging humans was acceptable because they were “illegal” while refusing to see how we have operated on parallel with Germany in the 1930s.

Those people all lack imagination.

I hope that the rest of you understand where we are today.

I hope you all stay safe, that you can recover from this heinous week, that those who are about to act against Trump and his enablers will stay safe and that we will see Trump and McConnell out of power permanently, but I know all too well that people forget.

We can do things. We can contact our representatives, we can choose to spend our dollars wisely, and we can shut down the outlets that spew propaganda. We can hold those responsible accountable.

If you want to act, imagine where we could be and how we can actually get there.

Nobody is going to hand you a pony or make you a millionaire.

There’s only one way to get where we need to be.

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