I’ll be honest…

I’ll be honest with you.

I hear that everything looks right.
Speeches are flawless. Tech is working.
People are coming out and apologizing for voting Trump.
I see all of that.
I haven’t seen a single night of the Democratic Convention.
Haven’t listened to a single speech.
Not one.


Because I won’t believe this nightmare will truly be over until I see that man and all his cronies leave office, until I see Joe Biden sworn in.

Unless we take every last seat in the Senate and House, in such quantity that we shut out the Republican menace completely, we’ll be right back here. Two years from now, we will forget that the legislature at the state level matters.

I am so deeply cynical that five months might as well be five years. If we don’t win, we’ll all lose.

So please enjoy the event for me. I know who I’m voting for. I want to have hope that things really have changed.

I just can’t stop thinking about Jean Luc Picard and the flute.

Five months is a long time to hold one’s breath.

Have hope for me. Mine is gone.

We will not see change unless we score an absolute majority in the Senate. Not just a Shove-McConnell-Out-Of-Power majority, but a Shut-Out-GOP-Completely majority.

I want this so hard it hurts, but I am afraid that idiots who refuse to do the heavy labor of reading our past and understanding Nixon, Reagan, Nader, McCarthy, Standard Oil, the John Birch Society, and WWII will decide this election because they can’t see a difference between people then and people now, and they don’t give a shit about what we say to them.

I am looking at every single individual who urinates on Biden or Harris in the name of Liberal wokeness.
Mollycoddling these whiny, politically illiterate assholes will get more people killed.

Voter suppression is real. Those mailbox locks are real. Russian interference? Not just real, but the Republican Senators KNEW IT and did not act.

I have said for the better part of a decade that this year’s election is high risk, winner take all, but so is the NEXT one, IF we win this year. We are where we are because liberals heaved a collective sigh when President Obama was elected in 2008 and they failed to show up for the most important midterm in history. They let the House flip to red and gave rise to the most toxic political movement since the McCarthy era. They showed up in 2012 to ensure Clinton didn’t win, coasted again, and lost us the Senate in 2014.

We will NOT see change until the GOP are tossed out for good. The GOP know it. Why do you think they’re destroying the Federal government?

This isn’t just about electing Biden. It’s about removing the malignant growth in every state that lets the GOP get away with actual murder. It shows up every time I hear someone say “Hogan isn’t that bad.” He is that bad. You just don’t have the correct frame of reference to see it. You aren’t his target. That means you can ride along on your privilege and not see the damage he and his cronies have done.

It’s not about masks or tests or temporary money to tide you over.

It’s about making sure we hamstring every Republican and ensure they NEVER rise to power again.

I have waited my whole life to see us come together and take them out of power. We almost get there, then someone pulls a punch and we’re back under their collective thumbs again.

So if you really want me to have hope, to believe this is truly change, you have exactly one choice, and it is NOT voting for any Third Party candidate. If you can’t be bothered to do even that much this year, I don’t want to have anything to do with you. Not online. Not in real life. Not ever.

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