Three months, three days…

I just finished updating the Presidential Primary list. There is one pending Primary (CT) and two are still waiting on final numbers (NY/NJ), but there’s no question about the difference in popular vote numbers. Even with all the canceled Republican primaries, we’re talking about approximately 16 million more Democratic votes than Republican.

Unfortunately, that’s not how the Presidential election actually works, with the exception of Nebraska and Maine. With winner take all races, there are some surprising numbers, not all of them good.

I need to do the same thing with the down-ballot races, but some of those primaries aren’t run till the end of August/beginning of September, and even then they don’t do a perfect job of predicting, especially of the state doesn’t run a primary because of an unopposed seat.

The later these primaries have gone, the more the numbers show a definite dip from four years ago on the Democratic side.

I would like to think the numbers will be down equally for both parties, or down substantially for the GOP due to mask denial, but the bottom line is that with interference in our postal service, closures of polling places because the population of election judges is decimated thanks to the virus, and the number of sick and dead, every single vote is going to count this year.

I’ll work on the other numbers over the weekend, largely for my own curiosity. We already know the damage Scalia did when he broke the Voting Rights Act. We MUST restore that act, wipe out the Electoral College for good, and throw every Republican out of office.

None of that will happen if you don’t go out and vote Democratic.

I am tired. Tired of saying it over and over. Tired especially of being right.

If you want to see a blue wave, there’s only one way to get there, and it’s going to be a fight.

Stay frosty.

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