Ummm…Thanks, Twitter…I think…

So this morning I went to check Twitter to verify something I read on FB, and I found this:

An update to your data-sharing settings The control you have over what information Twitter shares with its business partners has changed. Specifically, your ability to control mobile app advertising measurements has been removed, but you can control whether to share some non-public data to improve Twitter’s marketing activities on other sites and apps. These changes, which help Twitter to continue operating as a free service, are reflected now in your settings. Learn more.
Screencap from Twitter, Friday, April 23, 2020.

Click on the OK link and you will arrive here:

Additional information sharing with business partners.

This page explains in great detail just how much (or how little) control you have over the data Twitter has on you. But more importantly, it leads to this section of the Twitter site, which I didn’t know existed until today:

Personalization and Data settings. From this page, you get to:

Interests from Twitter

Screencap of Twitter Settings page, showing a list of Interests from Twitter. There is no breadcrumb link back to the main Twitter Settings page.
Twitter Settings page with Interests from Twitter open, but no clear path TO this section of the Twitter site. WHERE ARE THE BREADCRUMBS??!

In fact, there is no direct link to this page from the Settings page. Show me where you see it.

Thanks, Twitter. I guess I have a new job this morning. The very LAST thing I need is any connection at all between me and Alex Jones.

No. Really.

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