Well, there it is…

The New York Times has been sending out so-called impeachment briefings every morning and evening. Tonight was no exception. At the end of the message they asked if there was anything we want to see.

I responded.

Well, since you asked…

Perhaps the New York Times can run a series of in-depth articles addressing the details of just how the Republican party rigged the investigation so that the very rules they’re complaining so loudly about can be explained as a concerted, deliberate attack against Democrats out of power in general and the Clinton’s in particular. Please do mention Whitewater, Linda Tripp, the blue dress, and Benghazi when you do.

Feel free to use the phrase “hoist on one’s own petard” (bonus points for exploring the genesis of that phrase while you’re at it).

The hypocrites on the right side of the aisle are good at blowing their own horn. Think it’s about time for the legendary Times to point all these things out?

I think so.

And while you’re at it, mention Deep Throat. Because what’s noteworthy isn’t that the pretender to the imaginary US throne is holding election rallies while his ass is impeached. No. What’s noteworthy is that the press put him where he is today.

Maybe mention Reagan’s destruction of the Fairness Doctrine while you’re at it, because (as the New Yorker Magazine already pointed out nearly a decade ago) this is the long game.

Hell, if I can see it, so can you.

It’s time to devote the entirety of the next Newsletter to how we got here. Start in 1974. Work your way through two Bush administrations plus Reagan’s, and spare no expense.

Don’t leave out Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, or Alex Jones, and remember to mention that Trump is making an attempt at justifying a third term, something not seen since FDR’s administration.

Forget the US Government as so-called “swamp.” I mean, this doesn’t make Democrats look bad, so why would you mention that compared to President Obama’s administration, Trump’s is a toxic Superfund site. (Feel free to use that. Just remember, you heard it here first.)

I want to see all of this and more. Need someone to help with the research? Great. My current contract ends Friday.

Of course, I don’t actually expect you to do any of this. Why would you? It would just make your backers look bad if you reported the history, not just the sensationalism.


Thanks for listening.

A reader.

Think they’ll hire me?

Nah. Me neither.

Considering the courts are now chock full of crony Republican shills, thanks to eight years of Republican obstruction (Moscow Mitch McConnell’s buddies wouldn’t seat a single judge and let 200+ seats go vacant for just this reason) you can save that “judicial branch” crap for someone who cares.

This was the Republican plan all along. Party over Constitution because you don’t make millions of dollars as a public servant otherwise.

Any US citizen who votes for a Republican after all this deserves every toxic thing that the GOP will do to keep their power, while their buddies on Capitol Hill shred the document they swore to protect and uphold.

Every last one of you is complicit. Russia loves you.

We lost this game in 2010. It’s just taken us 20 years to catch on. Literally the reason The Cassie Times exists at all.

The real point here, to speak of apples instead of oranges, is this:

Every single aspect of this abomination for which Republicans are whining like toddlers has been put in place BY THEIR OWN PARTY.

Every one.


Because they lack imagination. They can’t ever consider what their own obstruction and rigging looks like when the OTHER party uses the tools they put in place.

I invite all the whiny Republicans who might read this to go look up when the rules were created that the Democrats have followed in this process.

I already know the answer. Posted it on my own Facebook wall, in public. Feel free to have a read this morning.

And as my friend Tracy Brown said on her own wall (friends locked, so don’t bother searching for it):

“Okay I’ll completely cop to this.

I got called out on a moan about old white men in positions of power. Specially them screaming at us

The call out? “Ginsberg okay though?”

So here’s my cop: yes, no freaking problem with the ladies, old or not.

The old/older ladies rocking shit. So no. I don’t have an issue with Ginsburg. Or Pelosi.

Old men are about to drive us into the ground.

Old women are busting their asses to stop it.

Siding with the women.”

Tracy is right. This is about old white men in power and the desire to stay that way. Ginsberg, Pelosi, Clinton, Warren, and all the rest have something to say and so do

From Trump on down, every single Republican who votes that way from here on out is complicit. I don’t give a damn where they get their news. They’re agreeing that the Constitution has no value, that the President is, in fact, above the law, and that they are okay with all of it so long as they get to retain the power they’ve been working towards since St. Reagan was elected in 1980.

Tonight is the last Democratic Debate of 2019. I’m watching. You?

The first primary, in Iowa, takes place on February 3, 2020. I would certainly call this the year we see clearly.

Cassandra’s List is still active. I’ll be updating it regularly starting next year, when I have time off because my contracts have stalled.

Normally I wouldn’t track a midterm Presidential election because I created the list to compare apples to apples (two-term presidencies), but there’s no way to see what will actually happen next year if you only pay attention to polls (which I stopped trusting almost a decade ago), so I am off and running with the data collection.

I will remind you again: If you choose not to vote for the Democrat in the General Election, you have voted Republican, whether you like it or not. Your protest vote is meaningless if Trump wins. Unless you want to vote Libertarian, because you wouldn’t have voted for the Democrat anyway. Y’all go right ahead and throw that vote away.

My recommendation: Toss EVERY LAST REPUBLICAN out of office. Make them pay for their obstruction and greed.

END this bullshit.

See you in 20/20.

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