Aftermath (Part 10): Are we really so blind we can’t see?

It’s remarkable, you know. I see patterns other people don’t and there are people who know me and think I’m too full of hyperbole to pay attention. Even when I’m right.

In fact, I wrote about it way back in May, 2016. I think that’s the first time I suggested that Trump was going to win that November.

I publish The Cassie Times to be shared. Most of my FB feed is public as well. It’s designed so that people can boost my signals and get the word out. I treat my Facebook wall as a speaker’s corner, with published rules of engagement.

Nobody pays me to write, and my agenda is entirely transparent. I want Republicans entirely out of control of our politics, which is all I’ve ever wanted since I got to be old enough to vote, way back in 1982.

So you know where this is headed, read this, if you didn’t before because, you know, hyperbole:

The Hole in the Middle…


What’s at stake…

In that second article I wrote:

“At present, the following justices are over the age of 67 (legal retirement age):

Clarence Thomas (age 67)
Stephen Breyer (age 77)
Anthony Kennedy (age 79) Retired under shady circumstances.
Antonin Scalia (age 79) Dead.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (age 82)”

In January, 2021, the ones who are still alive will be five years older. What odds do you want to lay that Thomas will resign before then? Maybe even at the end of this judicial session? He is literally the only chance we have to restore balance to the Supreme Court, and if Trump replaces him with another Brett Kavanaugh, our children’s children are fucked.

Based on this movement, there will be children. Oh, yes. There will.


Because Alabama and Georgia and Texas and Ohio and Missouri and a bunch of other red states are pushing through legislation that will hurt or kill poor women/People of Color/LGBTQIA (and all those with intersections therein).

All of these weapons are being brought to bear on voters who traditionally back Democratic candidates.

Every one.

Worse, these forced birth monsters believe that back alley abortions are a lie. I invite you to Google “the myth of the back alley abortion” with incognito on, unless you want to be inundated with bogus pro-birth propaganda.

Google has fifteen PAGES of links to this bullshit. This is just one of almost 150 articles that all support this bunk.

Here’s the NPR Morning Edition interview that woke me up this morning. I suggest you skip listening if you have a heart condition. Read at your own risk. THIS is what these dangerous fools believe:

The Pulse: Debunking the myth of ‘back-alley’ abortions

This repulsive filth ignores how many women’s deaths weren’t reported as the result of abortion.



Read that line again.

You need to boycott and avoid these states entirely. Don’t visit. Don’t drive through. Don’t use services or buy anything from a state that passes this BS. Rise up. Take to the streets. Go all Lysistrata on every man in the country who won’t join you in the protests.

It’s time. Another women’s march, without the cute little pussy hats. Fuck the patriarchy. It’s time.

To my friends who are trapped within those borders, I’m so sorry. Even Pat Robertson says they’re going too far.

If you don’t see these laws as retribution for Democratic voting practice, you really don’t understand the situation and you’d better start paying attention. If you DO understand, start spreading the news.

I’ve been saying all along we might not be allowed to vote in 2020. That was never hyperbole, no matter what my erstwhile readers might have thought. Republicans have telegraphed this intent for decades. If you’re only just tuning in, sorry about that, but it doesn’t change reality.

If you’re a Libertarian who would never vote for a Democrat? Fine. You’re not voting for the Republicans either, right? If you are, you’re just as bad, no matter how much you think otherwise.

And if you vote for ANY other party besides Democratic? You’re saying you are okay with throwing me and my family and friends under the electoral bus.

These bills ALL do one thing: They make it a crime to miscarry. A felony. We’ve already seen what this looks like with the woman who thought she could vote while on probation.

THAT is the point. The sum total of why the red states are doing their level best to criminalize a woman’s existence. You don’t have to remove the 15th Amendment or 19th Amendment to stop women or People of Color from voting. You just have to arrest them.

Members of the LGBTQIA community control when and how they become pregnant and are far more likely to vote for liberals and aren’t part of the demographic Republicans want in the ballot booth, so Republicans other them and guarantee they’re not part of the election process. So of course, the GOP makes them targets and attempts to keep them from exercising the right to vote.

Same with People of Color.

Same with all the other intersectional people who don’t sort into the white Christian male patriarchy and their docile feminine shills.

I work and live in the Metro DC area and I can tell you that these businesses that support our area will collapse if we take women out of the workforce. Women gained our right to vote through blood and sweat and tears. We are NOT going to go back now. If we don’t start fighting for our brothers and sisters of every description, we ALL lose.

I guarantee you that with the current composition of the Supreme Court, we have only John Roberts standing in the way of an overturn of Roe v. Wade. Think about that. Where will women move (if they can move at all) if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade?

Elections have CONSEQUENCES.

Make no mistake: This is punishment for Doug Jones and Stacy Abrams and every voter who put them over the mark in front of a Republican candidate. We will see these dastardly pieces of shit in every red state, without fail, until they get the question before the Supreme Court, and there’s no way to stop them from pushing this vile agenda unless we dislodge EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN from office by any electoral means necessary.

There’s a Green Party candidate running for NC09. Don’t fall for it. The Republican candidate is the sponsor of the NC Bathroom Bill.

Wake up!!!

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