Aftermath (Part 9): Won’t be long now…

Through the genius of the Wayback machine that is the Internet, let me refresh your memory.

It wasn’t the dawn of my writing about politics, but it was within the first year of establishing this blog as an independent voice, and it seemed crazy at the time, but now? I’d say I was spot on. Right down to the Second Civil War.

Hindsight has nothing to do with this post. I got it then. It just took five extra years for the start to align, and only then because Harry Reid lacked the guts to pull off what Nancy Pelosi has done in just the last couple of weeks.

That and nobody could envision a political situation like the one we have today.

Um. Yeah. Nobody.

Fast forward another two years and a little change:

NPR: The Longest Government Shutdown In History, No Longer — How 1995 Changed Everything

NPR: Newt Gingrich: Lessons Learned From Past Government Shutdowns

Talking Points Memo: ‘Senior Trump Official’ On Shutdown: ‘We Do Not Want Most Employees To Return’

WBUR: 2 Years In, The Trump Presidency’s Defining Moments And Consequences For The U.S.

You know it’s bad when publishes something that backs me up here.

In summary: Mitch McConnell is a massive hypocrite, and he will do as much damage as he possibly can before bowing out in a year and a half, but he’s far from alone.

If you’ve followed my posts, you know I saw this coming. The only question I have is whether a run for the border is practical or if it’s actually too late. I suspect, at least for folks like me who are past the 50 year mark, the ship has sailed and we’re screwed. The same can’t be said of my kids, but at least one of them has opted for the school of hard knocks, and is likely stuck inside these borders.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Elections have consequences. You’ve got one last chance to fix this, and it comes in just shy of 22 months. If you vote for anything other than a Democrat, you’re saying what McConnell and the GOP are doing is just fine with you.

Putin thanks you for your service.

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