Endarkenment (Part 2)…

Last week I got into a pissing contest with a couple of liberal fanatics who think the blue wave is real. I called bullshit based on what I’ve seen so far. They asked me to give a best guess scenario for the Senate, based on my research. The results are below, but before we get there, let me remind you just who you’re dealing with here.

This post from Facebook sums it up nicely:

“This post is probably going to lose me some friends.

Apparently, my last post about “civility” wasn’t quite clear enough. I’m being told (largely by white men, as it happens although a goodly number of the 53% of white women who enabled us to get where we are now are participating as well) to back off. I’m being told to be nice – no no, CIVIL. I’m being told to behave myself. Essentially, I’m being told not to worry my pretty little head about it, if I just go along to get along, the bad things will go away. I’m being told “no, not like that“ to every form of protest I make about what’s going on in my country right now.

Here’s the problem with that: We’ve Heard It Before.

Women, POC, the LBGTQ community, every minority or marginalized community, we’ve heard it before.

Be nice. Now is not the time. Don’t do it like that. Don’t kneel during the anthem. Don’t interrupt people who are trying to eat dinner. Don’t draw a line in the sand. If you just relax and let us do what we want to do, everything will be fine.

Every single time we hear it, it’s bullshit. We end up harassed, bullied, beaten, raped, murdered, individually and en masse. Our children suffer. We lose our civil rights. Every. Single. Time.

So my answer is no.

No, I will not shut up. No, I will not be “civil.” No, no, no. No, I will not lie back and take it as human rights abuses are perpetuated against my fellow human beings by my own fucking government. No, I will not stop calling out the complicit and the cowardly and the liars. No, I will not stop bombarding you with facts and figures of what is actually going on here. No, I will not turn my face away and pretend everything is fine. No, I am not exaggerating – people far smarter than me, who make Holocaust and genocide research their life‘s work – are yelling about this, for fuck’s sake. And NO, I most certainly won’t cower in fear, hoping they won’t come for me next. Because I already know they will.

Fuck nice. My answer is no.

Think this post isn’t civil? Bitch, please, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”
Kathleen Berger

I grew up in New York. I like four-letter words. A lot. The f-word is punctuation, baby.

If your delicate sensibilities will be somehow damaged by my indelicate use of language that expresses my opinions of the current political situation and the people who put us where we are today, you’re clearly following the wrong chick.

Filters were off before. I’m tired, cranky, bitchy, and furious. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Believe me, there is NOTHING civil about our current situation, and I’ll be damned if I’ll accept…now or EVER…the tone police.

If you don’t like what I have to say, there’s the door. Go visit the other side of it. If you show up on my newsfeed and I see something that I think needs commenting, I’m not going to hold back. Your delicate snowflake conservative friends deserve every single character of the scorn and derision they’ve earned in the last 18 months. They elected a fascist with a record of sexual harassment, a list of law suits a mile long, and a history of sucking up to the Russian mob. They don’t get any sympathy from me for their fanatical insistence on civility. And if you think you get a pass for being an idealist or somehow “above politics” (see: PRIVILEGE), I have a message for you:

Fuck that and fuck them.

As for the rest of you: If you’re still here, and you’re paying attention, you can start helping out by sharing the stuff I’m writing. None of this is a surprise to the ones who’ve been paying attention. This is exactly what we have said would happen.

Go read my blog posts.

Then get prepared. Get down and dirty, because this armchair BS is just about done.

You planned to march on June 30th? Great. By all means. Remember all the things people told you about getting arrested, keeping a lawyer’s number handy, surviving tear gas. Because sooner or later the cops are going to get tired of these marches and they’re going to do something about it.

And I can guarantee you the SCOTUS won’t be there to side with you and your first amendment rights, because these conservatives believe those rights only belong to the rich and powerful.

We have to fight for our rights. If we don’t fight for them, they won’t matter. We’re fighting for our lives, for our children, and for the dying of the light.

You want to turn the blue wave into a tsunami?

This is what you’re fighting.

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com

If you think I’m happy about this prediction, please remember: I want to be WRONG about this. My stats aren’t designed to predict outcomes. They’re designed to track the damage the Voting Rights Act and movements like the Greens have had on our democracy.

When you add up voter suppression and obstruction with people who are naive enough to think they have a choice, and then dangle the fantasy of a Blue Wave in front of their noses, it takes something like the resignation of a Supreme Court Justice to wake them up.

If that pisses you off, tough shit. It’s your problem, not mine.

I fucking TOLD YOU this is what was happening. I’ve been shouting it since 2012, and the only reason we didn’t get here sooner is that Romney lost in 2012. This is exactly what the GOP want. They’re not going to relinquish power now.

When they start rounding up people who don’t sort to White Evangelical Christian, if you have the nerve to be surprised, don’t tell me. I don’t want to hear it.


Today I’m just too fucking pissed off at all the Not Hillary people to be rational. Of the light pink states, it’s possible that four of them might turn out to be blue. Numbers aren’t in for those states yet and the primaries aren’t until the first week in August.

Honestly, I owe an update on the 2018 election, but not today. You want targets for your money or other support? Here you go. Pick a political race and start working.





Peace, out.

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