This isn’t the post I intended to write this morning…

We know you want to help. But this needs to be said.

There are a whole bunch of people in Houston who are facing an uncertain future.

A whole lot of them have likely lost everything to the damage Hurricane Harvey did just a short time ago.

Your thoughts and prayers are nice, but they won’t feed or provide drinking water to anyone, no matter how hard you pray. I promise.

And while we’re on the subject, put the clothing down. That’s not what’s needed, either. In fact, Texas is a really REALLY big state, and I suspect virtually every resident who already lives there has stuff to send to Houston, so shipping your random unwanted stuff isn’t remotely helpful. In fact, it’s a massive burden on an already stressed infrastructure.

There are, on the other hand, plenty of ways to help.

Here’s one post on the subject. Read it.

And if that’s not enough, go back and check the home page for my blog and click on any of the supporting sites I already have listed hereand/or here.

Not sure if they’re legit?

Go HERE: Federal Trade Commission: Before Giving to a Charity

or HERE: Wise giving in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

And don’t forget one more thing: Cleaning up the mess is going to take years. Consider making your donation a monthly amount, so that your gift can continue to help those in need after people have forgotten to send their donations. The cost is smaller and it keeps the cash flowing when people will need it the most.

I’m waiting for my next paycheck to set mine up.

How about you?

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