Fascism Denial…

Decades from now, will we remember all the warnings? Will we even be able to find the evidence that was there?

In the last few days, since the start of the 115th Congress, there have been reports all over the internet of rules changed to favor the GOP, to give them the power to strip away protections that keep our citizens healthy and safe.

None of these steps are new. Not one.

From the “victory tour” Trump recently finished, to his incessant Tweeting, he’s providing all the propaganda and smokescreen Republicans in the House and Senate require to hide what they’re doing. In the meantime, state legislatures are continuing to flex their ALEC-fueled conservative wings. Just yesterday, two new North Carolina-style bathroom bills surfaced, in Texas and Virginia. Restricted rights are just the beginning. We’re seeing a fascist takeover of the country, and we may well be too late to stop it.

Hitler’s rise to power is well documented. Our oldest population remembers what it looked like. They can see the parallels between the US and pre-Nazi Germany (commonly known as the Weimar Republic).

Anyone who failed to recognize or who now denies the truth of what Trump says he will do, who believes he wasn’t serious about the things he said before the election, deserves everything that’s coming. The hate, the denial, are symptoms of a much larger problem: Blame.

Regardless of who’s responsible for the ills of the country’s midsection and rust belt, the implications are very, very real. But it’s far, far more than just the ACA that’s going to fall in the next month.

It is denial of the parallels between the US and Germany that cost us the White House. Republicans denied the history. Liberals did, too. It’s all very well and good to deny history, to assume that it can’t happen here, but that’s a foolish path to take, because it has left us unprepared.

Two days ago, Ann Coulter Tweeted “14” to her fans. Today is the 14th day to the Inauguration. Make no mistake here: Her Tweet was a reference. Ignore that message, or the appointment of Steve Bannon to Trump’s administration, at your peril.

There’s only one way to deal with this. Resolve to resist what’s coming. Carry the truth. Print it on paper, because Net Neutrality is not guaranteed.

Have you stored a lot of your things in the “Cloud” to back up your business? Start figuring out now what you’ll do when your internet access goes away.

You have 14 days left to get the most important things out of the cloud.

Are you ready?

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