Aftermath (Part 1): And so it ends…

Dear Reader,

You’ve gotten this far, so it’s likely that you can find all the ways in which I predicted the outcome of this year’s Presidential election. There isn’t anyone as clear on the subject as Jim Wright, so I will let him tell you what I think of the situation, at least in part. Stonekettle Station: Bug Hunt

There. Got that all out of your system?


There’s a new sticky post on my blog, which is gonna stay there for a while, containing the names and links to organizations that need your support NOW, before the feds pull any money they receive through grants. I can personally guarantee you that half these organizations will cease to exist without direct donations from you, because they serve to support everything the GOP despises.

I have said that this is the end of America as we know it. It’s going to take some time to see the damage, if you’re still here to see it (and I encourage you to stick around).

What’s coming? Why the storm?

You can scroll back through all the posts I’ve made regarding war. Feel free. They build my case.

We are long, long overdue for civil war in this country. It took less than 24 hours for the violence to start, whether your local news organization is covering it or not.

Let’s be clear here: With all the hate crawling out of the cracks and crevices, targeting those who don’t sort easily into Straight, White, Christian, and Male, is it really any wonder how this happened? And to those people who are all “Trump won, get over it,” you have absolutely no idea what you’re glibly asking people to do, because you’re safe.

You’re not LGBTQ, you’re not a person of color, you’re not a woman or girl, you’re Christian. And if you are in one or more of these demographics? Try to remember that your pragmatism is causing one of two possible reactions: “You Asked For It (insert excuse here),” or “It can’t possibly be that bad.”

Either way, you’re wrong.

Flat wrong.

In the first case, your view is the classic abuser line that survivors hear all the time: You must have done something to deserve this.

In the second, most of the people you’re talking to already struggle with otherness, and you are telling them to shove themselves back into a closet, to get over their disabilities, to pretend they aren’t who they are.

If you don’t think it’s going to be that bad, you’ve never experienced life as a target. You can pass just because of the color of your skin. And that makes you an unfeeling asshole.

That’s how you sound to people who are already in same sex marriages, who contemplated a life that appeared to celebrate equality, that allowed women control over their own reproductive health, who depended on health insurance. And to those who were already targets in the sights of our justice system? That was a colossal Fuck You to every unarmed victim of police shooting.

Where’s your empathy?

But I’m not a racist! I love my black friends. We have lunch together.”


Have you ever once considered the possibility that from the moment many of these people walk out of their homes they’re targets? That they (and YOU) can be arrested and charged with resisting arrest, and be jailed indefinitely for doing nothing more than walking out of the house at the wrong time?

Don’t tell me that’s hyperbole. Tell it to Michael Brown. To Trayvon Martin. To any of the millions of men and women incarcerated now, who work as slaves to the justice system. And go read the USA Patriot Act again.

This country has gone conservative. It’s been clear for decades…DECADES…that this was the path our country was going to take.

All the wrongheaded protest votes in the world, all the polls, all the expectations tossed down our throats by pundits who simply couldn’t conceive or wouldn’t be honest about where we were headed, they put us where we are today.

Trust me. We are going to war.

It won’t be immediate. It’s going to take some time. Give it six months, though, tops, before we have boots on the ground somewhere. The only question I have is whether it will be here in this country or overseas, but it’s time. The clock has finally struck thirteen.

We have always been at war with Eurasia.

Or was that Eastasia?

Welcome to Oceania.

Enjoy your stay.



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