Guardian.com: If Donald Trump wins, it’ll be a new age of darkness

We are almost there. The countdown says two days. This time Tuesday, we’ll be minutes away from the closing of the last polls, except for Alaska and Hawaii (IIRC). We should already know how things look in the East. We might know the Central states. We will start to have an idea of how the Mountain states are doing.

My kids and I will bear witness to history, because this will either be the election when a woman finally steps up to the helm of my country, or we tip over the cliff to full-on fascism.

You can go back and search on the keywords to the right to find all the posts I’ve written concerning our drift to the extreme right. You can look at the photos, read the articles aggregated here, and you can see much of what I’ve written (though not all of it, because I’m still merging two blogs and a lot of material I posted on my FB account).

What you won’t see, at least not for a couple of months, is the effect this campaign season has had on our country. We ought to thank Donald Trump for outing all the hatred, misogyny, and racism that some of us have known about for decades.

Hidden in the crevices, spoken in whispers, quietly shared in dark meeting halls and on gun ranges all over the country, the nastiest, most dreadful schemers have stockpiled millions of weapons, just waiting for the signal to tell them it’s time.

Whether or not Hillary Clinton overcomes the dark money plot to divide us, the damage is already done.

I know I am standing on the right side of history, but what that history will show in fifty or a hundred years is anyone’s guess. I’ll probably be long gone by then.

It’s no wonder that Lin-Manuel Miranda’s gift to the modern American musical, Hamilton, centers around the gun. There has never been a better time to witness, firsthand, what civil war will do to a nation at odds with itself. We are overripe, and overdue, for our own war to end all wars.

I’m not a praying woman, by and large. I came late to a faith tradition and my current circumstances keep me from attending weekly services, so it’s easy to forget the process, but I am hoping with every fiber of my being that come Tuesday I won’t have to figure out how to survive in the new regime.

I want to know that my friends in same sex marriages, with kids or without, on the big, beautiful heritage, gender, and intellectual spectra, will still be welcome in this country come Wednesday.

I will bear witness on Tuesday, and I will post the results as they come in, so that I can continue to bear witness to history.

And I will remember. All the lies, all the slander, all the hatred and intolerance, all the righteous indignation that somehow we are something other than that which our founding fathers envisioned over 200 years ago, all that and more, for all of that I will bear witness.

We are the product of 240 years’ worth of fighting for independence.

If only we knew what to do with it.

#ImWithHer #Election2016

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