How bad could it be?


n. intentionally doing something either legally or morally wrong which one had no right to do. It always involves dishonesty, illegality, or knowingly exceeding authority for improper reasons. Malfeasance is distinguished from “misfeasance,” which is committing a wrong or error by mistake, negligence or inadvertence, but not by intentional wrongdoing. Example: a city manager putting his indigent cousin on the city payroll at a wage the manager knows is above that allowed and/or letting him file false time cards is malfeasance; putting his able cousin on the payroll which, unknown to him, is a violation of an anti-nepotism statute is misfeasance. This distinction can apply to corporate officers, public officials, trustees, and others cloaked with responsibility. (See: misfeasance)
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n. management of a business, public office or other responsibility in which there are errors and an unfortunate result through mistake or carelessness, but without evil intent and/or violation of law. Misfeasance is distinguished from “malfeasance” which is conduct in violation of the law. (See: malfeasance)
Copyright © 1981-2005 by Gerald N. Hill and Kathleen T. Hill. All Right reserved.

It happens a lot less often than it used to, but it does still happen occasionally. I post something on someone’s feed, it proves to be enlightening, and suddenly the light dawns. And that means the things I posted were enlightening enough to change someone else’s mind.

I know, right? On the Internet!

Who knew?

It happened just the other day, as I saw someone who I know peripherally try to claim that Trump U couldn’t be as bad as all that, and that it must be the fault of the students who paid for the classes and didn’t get what they wanted.

While it’s still possible to compile this data (because it’s the Great Memory Hole of the Internet), I present to you a series of articles, in “Link Sausage” form, that help explain just how wrong Trump U was, and why Trump is every single bit as responsible (and reprehensible) as he is in regard to the bait and switch fraud exercised therein.

Just today I had a friend tell me that the mess Trump has made in the past, with contracts and Trump U, could be chalked up to Misfeasance. I beg to differ. I called it Malfeasance and I’m reasonably certain I’m right, even if I’m not the lawyer in the conversation.

So, in some vague sense of order, mostly based on when the articles were published, I present some evidence on just how bad Trump U was for the people who took the bait:

First: What started the conversation:

Then the link to the investigation:

And to the leaked Playbook itself:

But wait! There’s MORE! Only the article I originally highlighted on the Washington Post site (Trump University: Sales strategy foreshadowed campaign) is now gone. So, instead, have ALL the links to Trump University articles. There’s some real charming stuff in that link, I tell you. Whew!

So where does that leave us, now that we have a presumptive Democratic nominee? Well, there’s this:
Trump-Sanders Phenomenon Signals an Oligarchy on the Brink of a Civilization-Threatening Collapse

My prediction: Buckle up your seat belts. It’s gonna be a bumpy summer. Again.

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