Stop sharing Photos on Facebook, unless you uploaded it yourself or you trust the source. Seriously.

[This needs to be a note, and so here it is. Feel free to share this. I’m not out to grab your personal data.]

For the love of ALL THAT’S HOLY, would you please click the link of the profile page for the person who posted the picture you’re sharing? Please?

Because if you don’t that next “Share” may get you on a mailing list you didn’t intend, or hand your profile data over to someone whose views you don’t actually support after all. Or, worse, you just add your profile to the latest Like Farm.

Don’t know what a Like Farm is? Here:



Yeah, I remember what it was like growing up in the 70s, and yeah, I do know what pencils and cassette tapes are for, and more. I just don’t choose to share my Facebook account like that.

I mean, you can do what you want, but if your gripe is with the GOP, sharing a photo posted by a member of the GOP means you’re connecting yourself to the member. And frankly they just don’t need more help.

Really. Just don’t.

And yes, Sharing is JUST AS BAD as Liking.


Just say NO!


RM: Click Bait!

Me: And as soon as I posted this, I saw another one of those guilt-driven “66% of you won’t post this” images. Yo. Same thing applies.

Chain letters are spam, too.

Just saying.

KJN: I get to feeling like such a schmutz for slapping my friends when they are being dumb.

JP: That’s why I cut/paste quiz results also.

LS: I am completely and utterly unmoved by “66% of you won’t repost this” memes. Aside from the danger, it’s rude and clumsy arm-twisting of the worst sort. I never repost those things. And I’m okay if people think I support dog fighting and root for the carcinoma side of the War on Cancer because of it.

If you have a cause you are passionate about, by all means post about it. But be original, and don’t imply that people are heartless/spineless dickheads for not echoing you on their own walls.

98% of you won’t repost this rant. I approve of you.

GB: Or at least add a reason. Most people wont understand this particular issue.

JW: If there is something that you feel is worthy of being shared , you might consider what Betsy said at the outset…check the source.

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