A little over 24 hours to go…

There’s a lot of disinformation out there right now. Here are the top three articles you should read before October 17th, so you know what’s coming.

If you’re still blaming the President or the Democrats for this, just stop. You’re wrong. You heard it here first.

Rest assured of one thing, though: There will be NO Continuing Resolution. Not if Eric Cantor can help it.

Mark my words. For good or (more likely) ill, we are going to go over the Debt Ceiling cliff and the slow slide to economic disaster.

Hope you’re ready.

Who’s doing it and why?

1. ThinkProgress: Read This One Document If You Want To Understand Why Republicans Followed Ted Cruz Off A Cliff

How can that be?

2. The New York Times: For Many Hard-Liners, Debt Default Is the Goal

What’s going to happen next?

3. Bloomberg: T-Bill Rates Surge as Auction Demand Falls Amid Budget Impasse [Now behind a paywall because Bloomberg are greedy jerks.]

It’s all you really need to know. Until the House pulled their little “only one vote” shenanigans, there was still a chance to bail out on the path, but now? Nope.

Mind you, it won’t all happen at once, but when it does, there won’t be much left to do except pick up the pieces. And I’m dead certain that is exactly what the Neo-Confederacy is counting on.

Of course, it might not be all that bad. I could be wrong.

After all, so was Cassandra.


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