Okey dokey. Here’s the thing. I’m pretty sure I’m suffering post-semester burnout, but after spending 10 weeks cozied up to the aristocracy and the totalitarian governments it spawned in Europe, I’ve had about enough.

If you’re angry, that’s great! BE angry. Go find out the details and post those – article, blog, whatever.

There’s been a tremendous amount of activity on my Facebook account since I launched it in 2008, before I got laid off. I’m angry about all sorts of things and I know it shows. I want the world to wake the hell up and do something before we stifle ourselves and poison our environment so much that we won’t survive. Running to hide in the wilderness won’t solve our immediate problems and probably won’t solve the long-term ones either.

I’m deleting pretty much all the photos (and associated comments) from my feed if I think they contain text that should relate to an article, if they have a “Like this? Share it!” command or if I think for any reason there’s no benefit gained from sharing the photos.

If you want me to read and like/share something, go find me the article that supports the text, and check that it’s not a humor web site because if you don’t, I’m just going to laugh at you. In public. On your wall.

In the meantime, if you put something on my wall, especially if it was a Tea Party rant in favor of their ludicrous behavior, or a Gun Lobby rant in favor of the Second Amendment without exception, it’s probably going away. I am standing down from fighting with you because I can’t win and I have better things to do with my time.

I want to hold accountable those who put us in this place. I want to see restitution for the terrible political decisions our people have made in the last 32 years. And I want to see it in my lifetime. Life’s too freaking short.

I long for the day when the GOP finally realizes the only ones in office whose behavior can truly be called reprehensible enough to justify actual impeachment come from their side of the aisle.

If you blow enough smoke, you’ll keep everyone’s eyes closed, but it won’t fix the problems you create, it will just force us to postpone dealing with them until the smoke finally clears. I just hope there’s still something left of the original American Dream when that happens, because our chances aren’t looking real good right now.

One thought on “Realignment…

  1. It does strike me as odd that the present day Republicans seem to be striving to replace the system of government that DEFEATED Communism with the system that SPAWNED it.

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