Hatches battened…

(A Mighty Wind is Blowin’ – New Main Street Singers, The Folksmen and Mitch & Mickey.)

The DC Metro region has been in increasing panic mode for two days, in preparation for Hurricane Sandy.

People have cleared store shelves of flashlights (though not batteries, so much), milk, bread, eggs, toilet paper and water. The governments (local and federal) have shut down tight for the day, or offered liberal leave to those more essential staff.

I’ve spent the entire day getting my place ready, by charging the batteries in my laptops, LED lantern, and cellphone. I’m not ready to say “bring it” because this is a serious storm, but at this point there’s not much more I can do to prepare.

I am truly hoping we don’t lose power, but we’re ready if the worst happens. I’ve got us covered for cold (sleeping bags), car’s gassed up, though I live on relative high ground, and now that the city fixed our storm drains, and my lawn’s raked and mowed, I feel confident that we’ll be okay.

The most compelling sign that folks are taking this storm seriously is the overwhelming turnout we’ve had in the last two days for early voting, which started on the 27th. Lines wrap around the outside of polling places. It’s heartening, considering the high stakes in this year’s election. Not just presidential, but also with Maryland’s questions on the Dream Act, Marriage Equality and Gambling Expansion.

We’re nine days out. Who knew the October Surprise would have such a charming and innocent name. I have absolute faith that President Obama will handle this crisis the way he needs to, not by taking time off to work on his campaign but by ensuring that everyone in  Frankenstorm’s path will have access to safety and quick help.

I’ll check back in, maybe with photos as we reach daylight. My camera’s charged and ready. Here’s hoping there’s not a lot to photograph.

Stay safe, everyone!

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