Forgot one supremely important thing: The Million Muppet March on November 3 in DC!!!

If you’re not following me on FB, you don’t know about this because I’ve forgotten to include the info here, until now.

No, this isn’t just an online event. Reuters has the latest article on the movement.

There’s a growing list of folks who are meeting at the Greenbelt Metro at 8am for a joint trip down to the Mall. If you’re interested in joining us, but you’re not on FB, comment here and I’ll add you to my list of folks to watch for on the 3rd.

The FB Event is here: The FB community page has already reached over 16k since they launched the page October 4th.

If you’re not friends with me, you probably won’t be able to see the event, since it’s Friends Only, but there are cures for that sort of thing.

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