VP Debate Transcript (October 11, 2012), courtesy of debates.org

So here we are, less than 24 hours post-debate, and the news is making the rounds. Who won for style, who for substance, who for veracity of claims. The proof is in the words used, not necessarily how the candidates said them and what reactions they caused.

When I launched this blog, it was in reaction to the volume and quality of the conversations I’ve had about the current state of our union, and what the candidates intend to do about it. I’m not looking for conspiracy theories, but they are dropping in my lap as I try to sort out truth from deception and attempt to make what I consider the best choice I can for the next four years.

In response to a Facebook friend’s comments about the sometimes condescending attitude of VP Biden towards Sen. Ryan, I discovered I was sharing, again, articles I had shared at least once on FB. I read a lot of the articles written over the last four years. I’ve found that, generally speaking, FactCheck.org is a reliable source for reality versus fiction that is often passed off as truth by some news organizations. Here are today’s features from last night’s Vice Presidential debate:

It’s not as easy to distinguish fact from blatant propaganda as it ought to be, especially with members of the press serving more as mouthpieces for corporate and political greed and less as the objective sources they should. Fortunately, not every source is as biased as some, but when it comes to checking the facts, I will believe it when I see it.

I’m a born skeptic. If I can’t find a basis in reality, I choose instead to disbelieve. I have every reason to think that some members of the GOP (most notably identified as Tea Party or Libertarian) have worked extra hard to make it impossible for our economy to gain ground.* We can trace this perpetual shooting ourselves in the foot back (if one cares to) as far back as Reaganomics. The culture has existed, to varying degrees, for at least 30 years, but has gained a recent toehold through emboldened fanatics who have attained office through the force of unenforceable promises and fear-mongering.

These top five articles go a very long way toward expressing my concerns about the looming political crisis. Those who are seeing this on FB for the first time might have missed them in the onslaught of my own personal war on stupidity and fear, so I’m not particularly sorry I’m posting them again for future reference. As it is, I expect to slow down (somewhat) on the number and variety of posts each day, just to try to stem the constant flow. Not everyone has the time to sort and sift through the volumes of material these days. That’s why I’m here to call out the articles I find that have value for the discussion.

Your mileage may vary (as always).

Back again later with more as I have the time. We are at 15 days and counting until early voting begins in Maryland, and another 10 days until Election Day. If you’re still undecided you still have time to consider your choices carefully. Even if you’ve made up your mind, read through these items. You might find you’re surprised by what you learn.

* Thanks, Kevin!

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