President Obama could take a lesson from Australia

The New Yorker: Ladylike: Julia Gillard’s Misogyny Speech

There’s a lot to be learned about cultures outside our own. Australia is modeled on the British Parliament. Their first woman Prime Minister is mad as hell and for good reason. I suggest reading the article first, and then watching the video. You’ll understand the context much better when you’re done.

Sexism isn’t exclusive but it is repulsive, especially at the highest levels of government. PM Julia Gillard has every right to be angry. Hear, hear!

Now if President Obama could just take on Gov. Romney in this way, we’d have no more questions about his fitness for duty.

One thought on “President Obama could take a lesson from Australia

  1. Thanks for the link; fascinating reading. I was taken with the use of the word “barren” to describe PM Gillard – it made me immediately think of another “barren” woman who ran a country: Queen Elizabeth.

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