My world and welcome to it.

I’ve been blogging since August, 2004 and posting on Facebook since August, 2007. In all that time, I’ve tried to figure out why I should write. Of course, the answer is obvious: Because I can’t stop myself.

My career as an author began in high school with the publication Liberated Perspectives, a semi-regular school newsletter. When LP stopped publication at the end of my junior year, I helped launch Spectrum, an attempt at a literary magazine for those of us who still wanted to write and be read. We only put out four issues, but that’s respectable for a handful of kids who had other things to do in school at the same time.

A product of early attempts at Magnet school programs, I began the shift from traditional schools in the middle of fifth grade, during a teachers’ strike in our home school district. Because of my family life, I have a relatively unique perspective on the way schools work (and don’t), and on how current events shape our lives. I’m fascinated with social sciences, the arts and mythology; hence the title of this blog.

I intend to use this space to collect the commentary I see elsewhere, combined with my own personal observations on what things work and why, and when things have broken. Consider this a logical expansion of my observations on Facebook and elsewhere.

I don’t mince words. If you have something to say, best show your sources and make sure they pass muster. I will check your facts and call you on them if I think you haven’t done a good job.

Enjoy the ride!

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