The time is now. Choose wisely.

Honest to god, this election scares me more on a visceral level than any other in my 48 years on the planet. If you thought the debate was a mess, here’s why it seemed such a surprise.

The grammar in this post on is questionable, but the goal is unmistakable.

Campaign Surrogate Admits Romney Is Changing Positions Just To Win Votes

Romney will say *anything* to get himself elected, no matter how far away from the truth it really is. There is only one reason he is saying now that he was wrong about his candid 47% remarks: He lost part of his base when he said it. He got caught red handed. You don’t need me to review the lies, because fact checkers have been hot on this since five seconds after the debate started.

If Romney can lie this easily now, do you really want to give this man the presumed protections of the office of the President? Think about this.

Bush put into place so many legal shields in his last four years in office that the current administration is unable to build enough evidence against him and his cronies to hold either of them criminally accountable for the lies surrounding the Iraq war.

In the eight years Bush was in office, we were handed the Patriot Act and saw some of the worst business decisions made in the history of the USA. All of it forgotten because we’ve been told it was the fault of the (proven to be nonexistent) Democrat majority headed up by Obama.

It took a major chess game and almost a whole year to extract the suspension of Habeas Corpus from the NDAA bill Obama had to sign in order to fund the military, put in place by the GOP.

This morning on NPR there was a stark reminder of what will come if the federal government is not funded fully. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Look up the word “sequestration.” This is the January surprise that just kept me from being hired at a full-time job with benefits, at a salary that’s appropriate for over 20 years’ experience in business.

Sequestration is, by every source I’ve read, scaring the hell out of federal government employers and employees across the country. Here are three samples from the last several hours. I can’t find the NPR story I heard this morning, but as these are sources away from the “mainstream” media, I suggest you pay attention.

Stars and Stripes: Partisan debate deepens over layoff notices before sequestration

Government Executive:

Let’s get this straight: Sequestration was put in place as a compromise when the debt ceiling was raised, because the GOP would not consider raising taxes as part of a compromise and the democrats would not simply cut programs.

Caught in the crosshairs? Every household in the US that is dependent on income from contract positions, every low-income household, every family dependent on assistance, every person who depends on medical research and (most notably) every military member who will still be deployed on January 2 and their families.

That’s not a big deal, you say. Not our problem.

You’re wrong.

Our economy is just starting to come back, but if this across-the-board cut comes down because the GOP is still in lockstep with the Koch Brothers, Grover Norquist and the rest of the cronies who want to see their lucrative positions protected, it will come because people put these people in office to do exactly what they have done: Stop government from working at any cost.

Romney will do or say anything to get hired. The last time I checked, lying on a resume was cause for firing in every company above the size of McDonald’s. If we can’t hold our President accountable, what’s left?

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