Maybe it IS time for a change…

First it was the restriction of personal freedoms wrapped in the name Patriot. Then it was corporate personhood and protection for the banks. Now any US citizen (or anyone at all, really) can be detained forever without trial or proof of criminal activity. And I just heard this morning that our Republican presidential candidates think the courts are too powerful and that the system of checks and balances should be revised because…well, there is no excuse.

Your politicians have sold you for their pensions and you’re letting them get away with it. And so are some of you Democrats. Up till now I’ve been a strict Democrat because I thought it was important to register my voice. I am starting to think I have to register Republican so I can at least have some measure of control over the looming disaster that will be 2012.

That way I can vote in the primary. Nobody ever said I had to vote with my party. Changing my party affiliation might send the message the Democrats need that they all need to wake up.

Maybe the Mayans were right after all. The earth will still be here and so will we, but there is potential for what this world will be like after 11/6/2012 that gives me chills.

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