In 1972…

I was just 9 (my birthday was the day before Election Day that year). I recall staying up to watch (and weep) as my favorite candidate, George McGovern, lost by a landslide to Richard Milhous Nixon. It took years to recover.

In 1976, I was 12 when I worked on the Carter campaign. Somewhere I still have Jimmy Carter letterhead.

Social Studies (and Current Events) were my favorite subjects all through junior high and high school.

Just a day away from my 45th birthday, and I still can’t believe we managed to do this.

As I watch President-Elect Obama’s acceptance speech, I notice that his audience is far more representative of the whole country. I am proud to have supported him through the primary to now. I have a hope that his words are played out in deeds.

According to my web site, we are at T-75 days and counting to the inauguration. A great deal of damage can still be done by our current administration, but what I do know is that there is a day coming when I can say that I support fully and completely whatever our President says we need to do.

We can fix the broken things about our home.

Yes. We can.

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