I totally didn’t need that….

How hard is it, really, to say the word “nu-CLEAR?”

And would someone please explain to me what drilling for oil in Alaska has to do with bankruptcy? Or global warming?

I just looked up the McCain VP candidate, Sarah Palin. Birthday? February 11, 1964

That makes me roughly three months and a week older than the potential VP of this country.

That’s not supposed to happen for … well, shoot. I *am* old, but *she* isn’t even a Baby Boomer.

What was he thinking???

And what scares me more: If he uses this sort of judgment for picking a VP, what will he do to our country?It’s darn hard to have a misstep if you don’t actually answer the questions. It’s Dan Quayle all over again. Best start repeating it now, just in case you’re confused about who you might be voting for here. Now imagine President Palin dealing with the next Great Depression… Talk about depressing!

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