That’s your plan? Get him?


Maybe it’s just me, but don’t you think the timing of the “candidates MUST rush back to WASHINGTON to help FIX THIS PROBLEM” crap is a little awkwardly timed?

Debates, you say? We don’t need no stinkin’ debates.

The Economy is going to FAIL!!! Don’t you realize what this means????

Yes. Actually I do. It means all the deregulation you “conservative” bastards have pushed for decades has come back to slap you silly and the very LAST thing you want to do is admit fault and re-establish the regulations Reagan washed away to fix the problem. Nope. Better to treat our economy like Chrysler and bail out instead of fixing the problem. [People are conveniently forgetting who the VP was then, though I haven’t. Maybe this is another Bush family mistake, coming home to roost.]

See, this is what I hear when I hear the term “Bail out” – It’s rare that you can save a ship by bailing it out. Usually it sinks anyway, just a little slower than might otherwise have happened. We’re not talking about sump pumps – no, we’re talking about all hands grab a bucket and toss the water over the side. And while you’re spending all that energy bailing the ship out, you’re using up whatever reserves you might have had for staying afloat once the boat sinks.

I am writing to my senators and reps just to be sure they understand how ultimately stupid I think this path of Dubbya’s is, but I already live in a Blue state. I worry about the rest of you.

Election day is coming. Looks a lot like Judgment Day to me.

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