I totally didn’t need that….

I just looked up the McCain VP candidate. Birthday? February 11, 1964

That makes me roughly three months and a week older than the potential VP of this country.

That’s not supposed to happen for … well, shoot. I *am* old, but *she* isn’t even a Baby Boomer.

What was he thinking???

And what scares me more: If he uses this sort of judgment for picking a VP, what will he do to our country?


I hadn’t thought about the age relative to me, yet (yikes!), but all the other points — definitely! What was he thinking?

Well, now that W has the country bent over…

She’s exactly five years younger than my younger oldest brother (I’m the oldest. So, that makes her eight and half years younger than me. Then I stop and think about my mom….all these people are younger than her.

As for what was he thinking? What are any of them thinking when they select running mates? I had a conspiracy “nut” for a father so my thinking is colored and I feel that they’ll do whatever they’re told by the big money.

Hey Obama is Younger than I am. I’m feeling ancient these days. 😀

He’s thinking he needs a young woman to offset the young black man that he’s running against. It’s also a small “F-U!!” to Hilary who didn’t get the nomination not to mention put all the bigots out there in a huge quandry whether to vote for a black man or a woman. Personally, I thought it was brilliant move. Makes the election interesting again.

To be honest, as her primary positive qualities seem to be a willingness to buck her party and a real zeal for ethics in government and reducing pork barrel spending, I suspect he gave thought to picking a great candidate for the job. She’s got more experience in the executive branch than Obama does.

I actually saw it as an olive branch to Hilary supporters, of which I am one. YMMV of course.

Sarah Palin is an attempt to get the Evangelicals revved up to go vote. McCain needs them at the polls if he is going to have any chance of winning. If he can scoop up some Hillary supporters and put the Democrats off balance then it’s a twofer.

I think it was a “get out the babes” selection. Or maybe he just wants the soccer moms.

I heard on NPR that a bunch of Indiana delegates were wearing “Hoosiers for the Hot Chick” buttons.

It does make this election inevitably historic, you must admit, although even the idea of a female VP couldn’t make me vote for McCain. >>shudder<<

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