Oh for crying out loud – can’t they just learn to keep their things inside their pants???

Edwards admits to extramarital affair

I was prepared to vote for this man. Hell, I even was willing to accept him as VP.


WTF indeed.


I’m so shocked. Guess he’s human after all.

unfortunately … no … they can’t. It is all about biology. It takes a very dedicated primate to stick to only one partner.

Persons of power have an even more difficult time with since they are more likely to be surrounded by other persons who want a part of the power action. This increases the likelyhood that a weakness will develope and that weakness can then be exploited.

No, I am not excusing his behavior like his wife did. Part of the reason we can never accept such behaviors among persons of power is BECAUSE it shows weakness.

I was having a discussion about this yesterday – it’s that last part that’s my beef.

I know infidelity happens, but how can you trust a guy who won’t tell the truth (emphatically denies it, in fact) about something this important to run the country honestly.

I really hope there’s no smoking guns or nasty skeletons hiding in Obama’s closet. I don’t think I can bear to think of President McCain, and that’s precisely what we’d get if something suddenly…came up…

“Very dedicated”? Crap. It just takes an adult.

I seriously believe that there was no accident to the timing of the announcemnt. I seriuosly believe that the media has something or several somethings evil or indescretionate on each and every one of the candidates and is just waiting for the most damaging moment to ‘leak’ the information.

In retrospect I suspect that sounds extremely conspiricy theroy of me. Perhaps I just need more caffine this morning.

OTOH I’m fine with having them release it now, before the convention. At least this way nobody will wonder why he wasn’t picked for VP.

Is it November yet?

Dear John,

John, this is your left hand.

Left hand, this is John.

I know you’re a man, and you have needs that are not currently being met by your fatally ill wife while you jet set around the world. I hope the two of you are very happy together.

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