Say it with me… “Duh…”

Too disgusted by most of the news today, I leave you instead with link sausage. I’ll get back to writing again sometime this weekend, before I lose any more details on CC26. I already managed to forget which day I bought the shawl…

Take the Tums first. Trust me…

Mr. President, the war isn’t about you — or golf

(the above gacked from D – the other two surfaced all on their own today and yesterday)

Passport cards called security vulnerability


Bin Laden: Palestinian cause fuels terror war

Note that I have no particular love for the state of Israel and I’m not presently looking for a debate on the relative merits of the “homeland” today. If people would just let go of the “holy war” and remember that everything is holy, whether we like it or not, we’d have a lot less of everything requiring Tums.

On a separate note, is it too early to start putting out Obama/Edwards posters?


I heard on WTOP that Edwards does not want the VP position – but would consider another on staff.

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