Ok, I’ve had enough again…

Call your congressional representatives and tell them not to back this asinine plan of our fearless leader.

It’s more than time to start the impeachment process. We’ve passed 3,000 American lives lost, who knows how many Iraqis, and NOW he’s going after Iran! When’s it going to stop?

I’m not forwarding a plea from MoveOn.org, ImpeachBush.org, ActForChange or any of the other organizations screaming for my attention right now. I’m asking as a citizen of this country.

He’s sending kids over there. They’re the ones who are coming home in body bags. They’re 19. And we’re going to send 20,000 more of them to this place.

The Washington Post has stories every single day of the soldiers being asked to go to Iraq, the effect their exits have on the families they leave behind, and what happens when they return home, in pieces mentally or physically.

According to the ticker on my home web site, we’re well past $357 BILLION invested in this travesty. Election Day 2008 isn’t for another 665 days.

It’s time to stop him. Now.


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