Am I a fundy magnet or what???

Ok, so today I finally got it together and took the digital boxes and the cable modem to Comcast. My kid went with me (on the way back from school). While we were there, she wished the “nice lady” on the other side of the counter a happy Halloween. Seems to me like a reasonable (and friendly) thing to do, but I got an earful in return about how folks who observe the holiday in question are just devil worshipers in disguise.

Yeah, that’s me.

I pointed out (politely) that it was a harvest festival, and that there were some cultures where folks honored their ancestors (“cults”). She might be interested to know more about the roots of the holiday. I was politely informed that she had Jesus Christ and that was all she needed. Who needs ancestors when you have Jesus, after all.


So, then, while prepping dinner tonight, I get a “poll” call asking whether I’d vote for Michael Steele or Ben Cardin.

Yep. I’m for raising taxes, gay marriage and killing babies in the pursuit of science.

And yes, I will still vote for Ben Cardin, and no I will not vote for Michael Steele. No matter how many times you ask or how unsavory you make it sound to be a Democrat.

I tell you, there are days when I find it VERY difficult to tolerate other religions, much less learn from them. How the hell do they expect everyone to believe what they do when they carry that sort of ‘tude around? No wonder we’re in the trouble we are in this country!

(And yeah, I know, I’m preaching to the choir most of the time on this thing. Just sayin’ is all.)

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