PSAs again…

This is your semi-annual reminder that more than 90% of my original blog posts fall into the Friends category, and are thus not viewable unless you have your own account AND I’ve friended you.

I leave you with this image:

Last Sunday, after the service was over, the Minister Emeritus stopped me while I was loading the car, and he asked me about the bumper stickers on the back of our new car. Of particular interest: Our WTF sticker. (Oval, looks a lot like the W04 stickers, but with subtle – and not so subtle – differences. This one’s close:

W(TF?) '04
Original source:

) He and his wife wanted to know what the WTF stood for. And I told them. Without a lot of blushing. Much. Um…

Interesting life, that’s the case! Don’t miss a minute of it!


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