Our church is holding a free showing of An Inconvenient Truth:

Spotlight on Global Warming

A free showing of the acclaimed video by Al Gore: An Inconvenient Truth. A discussion session follows. Printed material also available.
When: Sunday October 8 at 1:30 p.m.

***A special thank you to Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light for providing us with this great opportunity. Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light (GWIPL) is a non-profit initiative that helps congregations, religious institutions and others in the Washington, D.C. area work for a more just, sustainable and healthier creation by reducing the threat of global warming. Visit for information and resources.

The Washington, DC Green Festival is coming October 14 and 15 to the Washington Convention Center. This seems like a very good time to investigate solar panels, green building materials and so on. I’m thinking maybe we’ll go Saturday. Anyone else interested? [Dead link]

O’Malley/Brown fixed their web site so the video doesn’t automatically launch. It still doesn’t say explicitly that they’re running for Gov/Lt.Gov, but you really have to be living under a rock if you’re in the Metro DC area and you don’t know they’re running against Ehrlich (our soon to be Ex-Governor, if we have anything to say about it.

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