Polling Day Politics…

So, here I am, sitting at breakfast, trying to explain to my kid why we vote.


It’s a good thing there isn’t school today. I’m moving slower than molasses.

And when I went out to take another load of trash to the curb, I discovered one last attempt by another city council hopeful on my door.

I’m officially in no-electioneering-beyond-this-point mode this morning. I’ve made all the decisions, done all the research I plan to do at this point.

We’re off to the store for Claritin for her (her nose started running yesterday – I’m betting it’s allergies), followed by a drive to the church to help paint more trim. After that, a trip to her old elementary school to register my votes for the appropriate candidates. [Edit: To follow naps and lunch, because both girls crashed in the car on the way home. They needed the break, obviously, because they decorated the church playroom with about thirteen gazillion sequins and rhinestones while I was painting the trim in the main entry. Fortunately for them, the card was pretty, and I’m not interested in serving a jail sentence, but still…]

I’m pumped. This election ought to be the turning point, and the key to getting underway the impeachment process our President so richly deserves. All it will take is five seats in the senate. That’s all. November 7 is the day after my birthday, but I’m hoping to make it the bigger celebration.

Anyway, after that, we’re off to ballet, then returning home for Tuesday Night Sewing at my place. (You’re welcome to tag along if you’re reading this.) I’m planning to watch the returns intermittently throughout the evening, and possibly 1776 or something else equally patriotic. Someone suggested Jefferson in Paris. I could get behind that…

Tomorrow seems to be a normal boring Wednesday. Gym in the morning, stuff in the afternoon. I wonder if I’ve forgotten anything?

Following up:

Lots of this stuff doesn’t make sense. Fortunately (?) those of us who do give a damn and go vote on nights like this will be the ones who direct the results of the November election. I checked in an hour ago and they were giving up on predicting anything. Everybody’s split either 50/50 or 30/30/30. Wheee…

I’m not going to stay up all night waiting for the votes to tabulate. I am, however, going to check first thing in the morning, in the hope that there’ll be some clear lines.

Frankly, nothing would please me more than to see Schaeffer go. There’s other folks, too, like Johnson, I’d like to see go away. (Nothing galls me more than taking credit for someone else’s work.)

I feel a lot like a walking billboard these days. I haven’t taken my ThinkBlueDems band (the blue one) off since I got it from my BiL, except that I gave the original one away and this is the second one. The Choice band (white) came from a friend (the one who got the first blue band), and the third (red) just got to me via werewulf (HOPE, for the National MS Society). Red, white and blue, and none of this namby pamby ribbon stuff.

Except that my birthday immediately precedes the election, I can’t wait for November.

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