On this day….**

CNN: Solemn tributes mark 9/11’s fifth anniversary*

The Washington Post: NINE LIVES, 10 YEARS LATER* (Original article updated)

Snopes – Rumors of War: https://www.snopes.com/?s=war

The American Civil Liberties Union: http://www.aclu.org/

and finally

The League of Women Voters: Patriot Act

Today is a somber reminder that people can and do feel free to abuse the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of others.

If you’re concerned about your own personal life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, don’t forget that tomorrow is the Maryland State Primary, and that on November 7 we all, as Americans over the age of 18, have not just the right but the responsibility to vote and direct our leaders.

If you haven’t registered to vote, please do. You still have time to vote in the main election. If you have, many thanks!

The only way we are going to change our leadership is if we tip the balance in the senate and house.

Car, rear view (circa 2006)
Car, rear view (circa 2006)

* Edited because I realized the main page is going to change, but the point is September 11th stories.

** I REFUSE to use the words “Patriots’ Day” – patriots know what they’re fighting for, and make a conscious decision to lose their lives. Characterizing victims like this implies choice.

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